3 Best ADVENT CALENDARS 2021. Calendars for the whole family that will bring joy.

Advents Calendars 2021 are finally here.

Are you like me and counting the days till Christmas? Well, I and my family are completely into it. Let me tell you why. There are so many things to do before Christmas, all the preparation, dinners and events. It’s easy to lose track of the dates. All of a sudden it’s already Christmas Eve and we still have many things to do. Decorating the house, baking cookies, preparing the menu, wrapping presents and more. I noticed that when I use advent calendars. it’s easier to know exactly how many days we have until Christmas. We are more grounded in the hectic life and they also put us in a festive mood. What is better than hot chocolate in the evening by the fire or next to the Christmas tree and unwrapping another little gift with a number on it? Or opening this little door just before the morning coffee? And also no matter what is your gender or age there is always a calendar in the market that will be perfect for you. Each brand is getting more and more creative every year to produce a beautiful calendar. You can choose from so many different ones. In the past, many people were choosing a simple chocolate calendar, but now there are so many alternatives, to adapt to your budget or interests.

3 Best ADVENT CALENDARS 2021. Calendars for the whole family that will bring joy.

You can find Advent Calendars with:

  • Wide choice of chocolates
  • Beauty Products
  • Tea and coffee
  • Toys
  • Alcohol
  • For Pet lovers etc.

What do I love about Advent Calendars?

  • That they are limited editions and we always need to be fast to lay our hands on the one we like most.
  • That they have full size and samples sizes products. so I can use my all year favorites or try a new product.
  • That for the whole December I have something to look up for each day.
  • Last but not least usually it’s a chance to get all these products in a much better price, than a regular one.

And if you are like me, you can’t control yourself and you open more boxes than just one a day. Well… I am not judging you. I have been there myself. However this year I am committed to staying strong and opening only 1 box a day to set an example for my son.

3 Best ADVENT CALENDARS 2021. Calendars for the whole family that will bring joy. 3

Short History of Advents Calenadars

Before I will present you with 3 wonderful advent calendars for all family members I would like to unveil a little story behind the Advent calendar. You will have just some more information before you will open each door of the calendar or unpack your lovely surprise.

The whole idea of counting days until Christmas started in Germany. In the 19th century, families began to count down by tallying chalk marks on a door or wall. There were also other ways to count these days. Like hanging up a religious picture for each day until Christmas eve or lighting candles. In the early 20th century newspapers and publishing companies started to produce simple paper calendars. They started as daily reveals of pictures, then they become more complicated. With time some of them started to contain small gifts like candy and action figures.

They become more popular thanks to a German printer named Gerhard Lang. He designed a cardboard calendar after being inspired by his homemade one. By the 1920s, he developed an idea of cutting little doors into cardboard, each hiding a biblical picture or a Bible verse behind the doors. By the 1950s, many calendars began including small gifts, such as chocolates or toys, behind the door. Over time, advent calendars are far from original religious ones More people see them as a fun way to countdown the days until Christmas.

Without further ado please see the calendars that I curated for you.

3 Best ADVENT CALENDARS 2021. Calendars for the whole family that will bring joy.

Advent Calendars 2021- For the little ones. Winter forest from Confensionery Sprüngli.

When we think about Advent Calendars for children we immediately think about chocolate calendars. I still remember how I was excited each day to open the little door to the chocolate or truffles. Now chocolate calendars are absolutely beautifully designed and contain high-quality chocolate inside.

This elegant beautifully illustrated Advent calendar adds a touch of nostalgic flair. Each window of the Winter Forest box showcases a different animal to draw children’s attention. 24 Sprüngli delights made of the finest chocolate, delicate gingerbread and exquisite Christmas spices. Their pralines and truffles are made by hand freshly every day.

My opinion- Winter Forest design is absolutely beautiful and children will love it. It’s elegant and classy. Also, an assortment of chocolates is ideally created. It costs- 39 CHF so it’s very reasonably priced.

Advent Calendars 2021 – For Her. Schwarzkopf Professional Advent Calendar

It’s my first Advent Calendar with professional hair products and I love it already. The calendar contains 24 windows with Schwarzkopf Professional care or styling products. All items are selected to provide the necessary care during cold days.

My opinion- This advent calendar offers a great way to test many different hair products before buying a large bottle or packaging. Ideal for ladies who love to experiment with hair and style them differently.

Advent Calendars 2021 – For Him or Her. Betjeman & Barton ADVENT CALENDAR TEA GARDEN 2021

If you would like to start your day with a different cup of tea throughout December then this calendar is for you.

Imagined as a magical tea garden. It’s a story of a 24-day walk among the most beautiful majestic tea trees surrounded by a lush forest of exotic plants. A land of wonderful tales is then painted, that of golden dreams. Over the course of the month of December. They invite us to collect superb tea leaves, which reveal all the enchantment of each of the cups of the House of Betjeman & Barton.

3 Best ADVENT CALENDARS 2021. Calendars for the whole family that will bring joy.

We can find Breakfast Royal tea, Pushkin tea, Sencha tea, Finest Earl Gray tea, Jasmine tea, Shepherd’s tea and more. And of course, the legendary Christmas Tea! To taste on Christmas night.

My opinion- This is an ideal calendar for the whole family. Ideal for a gift as most people will enjoy it.


My friends, what is your ideal Advent Calendar? Do you prefer chocolate ones or with products that you can use and test? I am curious to hear your opinion. In order to see Clarins Advent Calendar that I review last year please click here.

3 Best ADVENT CALENDARS 2021. Calendars for the whole family that will bring joy.

As always with love

Bella Zofia xx

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3 Best ADVENT CALENDARS 2021. Calendars for the whole family that will bring joy. 30
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