Emerging Talents Milan – SS 22 Collections collections of emerging designers and 5th Anniversary Gala.

Emerging Talents Milan are always on my MFW calendar. They not only offer the most exquisitely produced fashion shows in beautiful interiors of Palazzo Visonti, but also showcase emerging designers, that I am happy to discover and share their work with you. This year has been very special for Emerging Talents Milan as they were celebrating the 5th anniversary and it was even more magical to participate in their fashion shows and gala dinner. As every year venue prepared for their fashion show was the prestigious Palazzo Visconti. Their Rococo Milanese interiors are just the perfect frame for luxury clothing lines that we could admire. Without further ado please have a look at collections that designers prepared for SS 22 Season.

Emerging Talents Milan SS 22 Fashion Show


I am a fan of Gianluca Alibrando’s work for a few years now. I love how he works with colours, volumes and fabrics. Each collection is different, yet breathtaking, inspiring and unforgettable. There is a lot of art influence in his pieces, they are statements of confident, beautiful and elegant women, that Gianluca is dressing.

The large floral decorations in satin and silk take on the appearance of flowery labyrinths, the ribbons look like butterfly wings and the sequins, like mirrors, dress the female bodies. In the same way, the rigour of the total white creations is harmoniously combined with dresses capable of shining thanks to the perfect cut and quality of the textures.

Emerging Talents Milan - SS 22 Collections collections of emerging designers and 5th Anniversary Gala.
Photo: Thea Myren

Gianluca Alibrando is a young designer who started to work on his passion when his adolescence in the Sicilian town of Milazzo. Later he moved to Milan in order to observe the dynamic of this fashion capital. His career was speeding up from there. He obtained a Diploma from the Burgo Institute with honours, followed by a Master in Fashion Styling at the New Academy of Fine Arts Naba. He worked with the film industry and also was involved closely with the National Chamber of Fashion in Milan between 2015 and 2016. His Collections were presented during MFW and gave him the recognition that he deserved. Gianluca is a genius that without a doubt soon you will hear more about.

Emerging Talents Milan - SS 22 Collections collections of emerging designers and 5th Anniversary Gala. 15


Emerging Talents Milan - SS 22 Collections collections of emerging designers and 5th Anniversary Gala. 17
Photo Kamil Gracki

Mae Paris‘s Spring-Summer Collection is called ‘’RELEASE’’.

Set free. Allow yourself to move, act, or flow freely. You are now in your free place. RELEASE. Find the realness in you and take it with you. Flowing silhouettes, soft fabrics, pastel palette. You can now be yourself – easy or sophisticated, dressed up or loose. Liberated.

The ‘’RELEASE’’ collection is inspired by the beginning of the pandemic and the uncertainty that was part of it. This collection tells a story of a modern woman who lives the most of what life can give her. She seizes every opportunity, follows her passions, and work hard. She lives in a big city and enjoys it, and her wardrobe is full of one-of-a-kind pieces. But, at the end of the day, she is at her ease, more real than ever, living her deliberated self, letting go of the duties and the stress. This woman is as confident and ‘her’ in a blazer suit as she is in a flowing dress. Her inner freedom is her base, and ‘’RELEASE’’ is her perfect mix of pieces for any occasion.


Emerging Talents Milan - SS 22 Collections collections of emerging designers and 5th Anniversary Gala. 29

Tatiana Kotova is a winner of the Grand Prix at the International Fashion Festival “Flood 2020”. She is well known for her is custom tailoring, creative projects and couture collections. The main inspiration for the SS 22 Collection was water and the underwater world.

In my images, I wanted to show the texture and shapes of corals, shells, fish, to convey depth, mystery, tranquility and at the same time the riot of the water element.- says Tatiana

The designs of some dresses were created directly on a mannequin cutting. From only a piece of material, so the clothes can be easily transformed.


SS 22 Collection by brand YERISHI is called IRY, which stands for I Remember You. Collection made during the lockdown and impacted by it. The designer is labelling this line as a collection for fashionistas. She wants to offer the customer clothes that will sync with the inner world of women. She created collections that satisfy the demands of a picky woman while at the same time helping her to remain stylish, elegant and classy.

“Creating clothing for women is an art that demands attention since women are unique. So in other words, my mission is to discover and emphasize the inner tenderness of women and in the meantime, make her feel safe and confident”. -says the designer.

The collection presents multi-wear transformers, loose-fitting separates and dresses, skirts, jackets, t-shirts and sportswear. It’s not a completely casual collection, it has a doze of glamour injected throughout.

The designer behind the brand is Irina Yeritsyan, born in Yerevan, but spent most of her life abroad. She currently lives in Milano where she graduated from the Istituto Marangoni. Yerishi was initially founded as a Luxury Handbag brand in 2015. It is a response to the fashion needs of an independent, strong and characteristic woman, aware of her femininity and determined to express it in different ways, but first and foremost through her choice of style. With the rise of mass consumption and fast fashion, Yerishi has placed an emphasis on uniqueness and high quality.


Emerging Talents Milan - SS 22 Collections collections of emerging designers and 5th Anniversary Gala. 53
Emerging Talents Milan - SS 22 Collections collections of emerging designers and 5th Anniversary Gala. 61

Reema Al Banna is an award-winning designer from UAE. She established her label in 2009 and since then her brand has grown and become significant not only in Emirates. What distinguishes her are the architectural and experimental cuts. Playful concepts and hand-illustrated graphics. Her designs are worn by bold, intelligent and stylish women.

Al Banna’s Reemami in her collections brings her heritage, cultural background and nostalgic memories.

Stories remind her of a time where little traditions play a big role such as food, love of horses and gear (saddles), and that sense of freedom. Palestinian Women refugees contribute to her collection with patchwork that is done by them and unused, creating a new life and telling their stories through a combination of the patchwork and her own designs the collection aims to raise awareness about her own culture and identity as well as the artistic work of the refugees. Transforming the familiar into fun has become Reema Al Banna’s forte. For the first time, she experiments with traditional Palestinian embroidery, which was glorified and modernized throughout the collection. Horse riding and equestrianism also played a big part in the collection in terms of the explicit cuts and details. This season, Reema Al Banna also toys with the classic collars by creating unusual shapes that can be transformed for a fresh versatile look. She fuses avant-garde sensibilities with effortless ease to create worthy, sculptural designs to flatter.

Reema Al Banna harnesses her artistic prowess to create playful prints with a nostalgic message which ties her to her identity. Fusing the signature cuts with luxury hand-sketched printed fabrics; REEMAMI’s coveted pieces have gained a global following from the likes of Queen Rania, Bella Hadid, Kelly Rowland, and many more.


Emerging Talents Milan - SS 22 Collections collections of emerging designers and 5th Anniversary Gala. 63

OTKUTYR Fashion House is dedicated to presenting the best of local artists in Saudi since 2011. They are combining the expertise and resources of the fashion house with our designers’ artistic vision. In SS 22 Collection we can see an explosion of colours and a combination of haute couture and streetwear.

The collection consists of pieces such as all crystal handmade tops. Bell-bottom pants with zippers on the side, gowns with patchwork, lace embellished cape and bodysuits. Silhouettes are exaggerated and unique. There is a motif of eyes on palms giving the collection a homage and feel to Arab culture. OTKUTYR is a sustainable brand that works with deadstock textiles and eco-conscious fabrics.


Vitor Zerbinato‘s SS 22 Collection is called: From the bottom of the sea, inspired with the mysteries and creatures of the sea. Beautiful colours make us nearly touch the sea. The designer used white and sand tones, green and blue waters and ended with red, coral and yellow. For a light summer, the jellyfish print silks and muslins with their tentacles represented by feathers. The various embroidery in crystals and crochets snake through the pieces to form starfish, shells and corals in the most diverse fabrics and models.

I couldn’t attend this fashion show, however, I watched it online and loved it.


Surely I don’t need to introduce Marc Cain brand to most of you. Most of us know that Marc Cain is a global, premium brand for ladies with production in Germany. I had the pleasure to see this brand for the 2nd time during Emerging Talents Milan. SS Collection “Keep on dancing” is a ready-to-wear collection that fashionistas will be excited to add to their wardrobe. The designs of the new collection play with contrasts. The luxury styles are cosy, casual and elegant at the same time. Neutral basic tones such as shades of brown, rosé or off-white are contrasted with bright colours, such as pink, sky blue and apple green. The materials are just as versatile. Floral prints adorn maxi dresses made of silk, blouses, blazers and trousers. Whereas graphic prints on trousers and blazers are reminiscent of the Seventies. Please have a look at the video from Emerging Talents Milan to see more.

Gala dinner

On the 26th of September Emerging Talents Milan organized a wonderful Gala Dinner in order to celebrate their success. Friends, partners and designers gathered together in the beautiful interiors of Palazzo Visconti and spend a beautiful evening with delicious food, company and a fashion atmosphere. I had the pleasure to be part of this group and I would like to again wish Emerging Talents Milan many more successful years! Inspiring projects and discovering amazing talents around the globe!

Emerging Talents Milan - SS 22 Collections collections of emerging designers and 5th Anniversary Gala. 77

the Emerging Talents Milan platform was launched in 2016 and since then has become an integral part of the fashion scene. They committed towards inclusivity through creative collaboration and honouring talents disposed worldwide of art to the fashion industry.

‘’Awareness – Love and passion were the thoughts that brought the platform of Emerging Talents Milan into existence at first and slowly it evolved into being a stage that celebrates transparency – honest creation and diversity.’’ – Ruslan Evseev, Creative Director of Emerging Talents Milan


I hope that you enjoyed the SS Collections curated by Emerging Talents Milan. I am wondering which designer is your favourite. Please let me know in the comments below.

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