Dinh Van Paris: Where everyday objects are the inspiration for the jewellery. What you need to know about the brand and new addition to the iconic collection Pulse.

Dinh Van Paris is a French luxury jewellery brand founded in Paris in 1965 by Jean Dinh Van.
The Maison was created as an alternative to classical Place Vendôme jewellers in the 1960s. Jean Dinh Van started his career at Cartier in 1950 working on high jewelry collections. Disillusioned with long-established jewellery norms, he decided to follow his instinct and create his own brand. His vision: is to offer jewellery for everyone and everyday wear, inspired by daily objects, which redefine the new standards of contemporary jewellery. At Dinh Van, we create jewellery that may be worn on all occasions. Thanks to this versatility, Dinh Van is the ultimate French luxury brand and the very “best-kept secret of Paris.”

About the Dinh Van Brand.

Everything I do
is extremely influenced by everyday life.”

This approach has revolutionised the jewellery industry by transforming daily objects into items of jewellery that are precious, pure and eternal. The founder used a lot of raw materials and developed a new, ultra-contemporary language. A language full of universal symbols, very personal and designed to be worn daily. Some of the most famous collections are:

Menottes, Punaises, Cible, Maillon.

They are instantly recognisable. Elegant and light, gem-set or polished, they focus on essentials and thus achieve a universal reach.

My visit to Dinh Van Boutique in Geneva.

Last month I had a pleasure to visit Dinh Van Boutique in Geneva and choose pieces that I will love. I focused on versatile pieces that will go with many outfits. That can be easily stacked together and also that can be my everyday jewellery that is more elevated and high quality. I loved the small and charming boutique near the Place du Molard. While sipping coffee I could see all the different pieces and select my favourites.

The choice was not easy but I made a nice selection and you can see it in the video and photos below.

About the Pulse Collection from Dinh Van.

Created in 2017, the Pulse line features unique proportions, with architectural and sculptural lines. With its finely chiseled features, open work shapes and diamonds studded in rhythmic steps, the design of the Pulse line is reminiscent of notes on a musical score. It is an urban and modern unisex collection, available in white gold, yellow gold and pink gold, and true to Dinh Van’s original vision, where diamonds are rhythmically set into each piece.

In the world of jewelry, where sophistication meets artistry, Dinh Van has carved its niche as an emblem of refined elegance and unparalleled craftsmanship. With the unveiling of their latest collection: Pulse, this esteemed jewellery maison once again positioned itself as a brand with contemporary allure.

For decades, Dinh Van has been synonymous with understated luxury and impeccable design. Founded on the principles of simplicity and sophistication, the brand has captivated discerning connoisseurs with its minimalist yet striking creations, each piece a masterpiece of precision and refinement.

The Pulse collection represents a captivating evolution of Dinh Van’s signature aesthetic, infusing classic designs with a modern twist. Inspired by the rhythmic pulse of life itself, each jewel in the collection pulsates with energy and vitality, reflecting the dynamic spirit of the modern woman.

At the heart of Dinh Van’s creations lies a dedication to superior craftsmanship and exceptional quality. Every piece in the Pulse collection is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, using only the finest materials sourced from trusted suppliers. From the shimmering brilliance of diamonds to the lustrous glow of precious metals, each jewel is a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

One of the defining features of the Pulse collection is its versatility. From sleek bangles that exude understated sophistication to bold rings that make a statement, each piece is designed to be worn effortlessly from day to night, adding a touch of modern elegance to all looks.

Dinh Van Paris: Where everyday objects are the inspiration for the jewellery. What you need to know about the brand and new addition to the iconic collection Pulse. 18

However, beyond its aesthetic appeal, Dinh Van is also committed to sustainability and ethical practices. The brand takes great care to ensure that all materials used in its creations are responsibly sourced, adhering to the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility. With the Pulse collection, Dinh Van continues to lead by example, proving that beauty can be both exquisite and ethical.

In a world where trends may come and go, Dinh Van remains a steadfast beacon of enduring elegance and timeless beauty. With the Pulse collection, the brand invites you to embrace the rhythm of life and celebrate the joy of self-expression through exquisitely crafted jewellery that transcends time and trends

Pieces references.

Pulse Paved 3 rows pendant.

Pulse Paved 3 rows bracelet.

Pulse PAved 3 rows ring.

Puls Bracelet SM

Puls Small Ring

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As always with love

Bella Zofia

Dinh Van Paris: Where everyday objects are the inspiration for the jewellery. What you need to know about the brand and new addition to the iconic collection Pulse.
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