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Izabela Bella Zofia in Geneva, Street Style. Wearing red suit

ABOUT Bella Zofia

Izabela is a fashion and lifestyle entrepreneur and mum of Jean-Paul, 3 years old boy.

She entered fashion world when she was 15 and started to work as a model ever since.  She has been featured in many magazines, walked catwalks in many European cities and played in TV commercials. She has been selected to finale the of Look Model Search by Elite agency when she was 21 years old and by age of 23 she has entered Miss Poland contest.

Modeling career didn’t stop her from receiving a formal education that has always been her priority. Izabela holds master’s degree in History of Art and she attended a number of management courses within fashion and business world.

She is well-traveled and lived in several countries before deciding to settle down with her family in Geneva. She lived in Gibraltar, Sweden, Italy, France and Spain before and after she developed a huge passion for travel, languages and cultures.

Izabela was always fascinated by fashion and her work as a model in her youth enabled her to discover, as a fashion entrepreneur, new designers and styles. In 2013 she co- founded her own fashion brand Désirée Fashion, where she was designing and producing limited editions of feminine dresses. In 2016 she has founded another business, her own Fashion Shows Production and luxury events agency Défile Events, but it wasn’t still enough. In 2018 she has dived in to the social media and created her IG account called @bella_zofia, this name comes from her names Izabela Zofia, but everyone always calls her Bella, including her husband. Social media soon developed to creation of Bella Zofia website that launched in early 2019. Since then she fell in love with blogging about fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle.

In 2019 she has joined Brand Mooks Magazine as a Fashion Week Insider and in 2020 cChic magazine as beauty and fashion editor. In 2020 despite difficult times she has co-founded a creative agency Style Studio that produces strong visuals for fashion and jewellery brands, with a focus on sustainable and local brands.

Izabela’s mission is to inspire women to be their best version. Showing that being a mother and entrepreneur is possible. She shares with her community her love for fashion, beauty, healthy and sustainable way of living, travel, motherhood and beauty. She believes that social media marketing is most effective when products are part of day-to-day life, she wants to tell the story, inspire and make people smile when they check her daily stories or posts.

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Press, Izabela Bella Zofia in Geneva, Street Style. Wearing  pink trousers from Sandro Paris


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