L’Escalet. Sustainable Jewellery brand that you need to hear about and their Hypnotic La Dolce Vita 2023 Campaign.

L’Escalet – is a Geneva-based brand that I first discovered 3 years ago. Every once in a while, I had a look at their new beautiful pieces and their new collections. However, in September 2023 I received an invitation from Caterina (the founder) to visit her lovely showroom based in the Eaux-Vives. During our coffee and talks, she told me about her new campaign and that I would perfectly fit into it. So that’s how I became part of the La Dolce Vita / Riviera project.

Below you can find a video and photos from that beautiful sunny Indian Summer day on the Geneva lake.

The jewellery that I was wearing was iconic for L’Escalet Emerald pieces, like for example stunning THE AQUA GREEN COLOMBIAN EMERALD STUD EARRINGS. These luminous aqua-green earrings looked beautiful on the deep blue lake.

Other pieces of jewellery that I was wearing are:




All these beautiful pieces are one of a kind, in the mesmerizing green colour of Emeralds. This beautiful gem exudes timeless elegance with its vibrant green hues. Captivating the beholder with a lush and regal allure. Whether adorning a necklace or a pair of earrings, emerald gems convey a sense of luxury and sophistication.

Mediterranean Inspiration behind the L’Escalet Brand.

L’Escalet brand was created in 2018 by Caterina de Boccard. It’s a Swiss fine jewellery brand named after a magical place so dear to Caterina.

Located on the French Mediterranean coastline, L’Escalet beach is a succession of small sandy coves and rocky inlets, where the water is incredibly blue and the surrounding nature is green and wild.

L'Escalet. Sustainable Jewellery brand that you need to hear about and their Hypnotic La Dolce Vita 2023 Campaign. 9

Taking inspiration from this little paradise many times a year, in different seasons, the designer explores in her first collections the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and the infinity of the sky. The jewels are exclusively made with 18-karat gold, set with natural diamonds and gemstones, in particular in shades of blue and green: sapphires, emeralds, tourmalines, and black opals. The gemstones are always personally and carefully selected by the designer for their beauty, colour and quality.

L’Escalet pieces are fresh and easy to wear, the design is timeless with just the right amount of sophistication. They are quality pieces that are made to last, to be worn effortlessly and loved every day.

Every day little luxuries are sustainably and meticulously crafted and
designed in Geneva. All the pieces are handcrafted between our workshops in Rome and Geneva to benefit the savoir-faire of both artisanal traditions while supporting family-sized businesses.
Besides one-of-a-kind pieces, all the jewellery is made to order, to avoid overproduction, while offering the clients the possibility to customize and the pleasure of owning a truly unique jewellery piece. Gold is always recycled, while diamonds and emeralds are purchased from conflict-free sources when possible.

I hope that you like our Riviera Campaign video and also the collection created by Caterina. Let me know in the comments which piece is your favourite. For me, it’s the long emerald necklace. It’s delicate and stunning in its simplicity and sophistication. It’s already on my wish list for the next occasion.

Useful Information.

L’Escalet Website.

L’Escalet Instagram

Address of the Showroom in Geneva:

L’Escalet Jewellery
15 rue du Nant
1207 Geneva

L’Escalet jewellery is sold uniquely online and at the showroom in Geneva, open Monday to Friday by appointment.

The team behind the La Dolce Vita / Riviere Photo Shoot.

Art Direction: L’Escalet

Video @adrianotruscello
Make up & Hair @louane.mua
Production assistant @maoumarietulissi

A little backstage and behind the scenes.

As always with love.

Bella Zofia.

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L'Escalet. Sustainable Jewellery brand that you need to hear about and their Hypnotic La Dolce Vita 2023 Campaign.
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