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A fashion diary and an interview by me and @inachicstateofmind with Tanieu Creatrice.


Photography @amataart_design, Makeup @fleekyclaire, Models @bella_zofia and @inachicstateofmind

In the middle of November, me and my friend inachicstateofmind decided that we would like to follow the Fall faux-leather trend and team up with local rising star of designers Tanieu Creatrice. She has designed the skirts especially for us, with our body types and personalities in mind. You can see the results of the photo shoot below:


Photography @amataart_design, Makeup @fleekyclaire, Models @bella_zofia and @inachicstateofmind


Photography @amataart_design, Makeup @fleekyclaire


Photography @amataart_design, Makeup @fleekyclaire, Model @inachicstateofmind


Photography @amataart_design, Makeup @fleekyclaire, Models @bella_zofia and @inachicstateofmind


During the photo shoot we were so curious about Tanieu’s story, that we have asked her some questions and below you can read this short interview:

Marisol: What inspired you to become a fashion designer? I have always been passionate about fashion and as a child. I started an apprenticeship with one of the best fashion designers in my country in Côte d’Ivoire. Quickly I was asked to be a model for their clothing. Therefore I was surrounded by fashion very young.

Marisol: Where do you get your design inspiration from? I am inspired by everyday life and the people I meet. The textiles are a central motivation for my designs. Their colour, texture and finish also inspire me to create and do what I love to do, make clothing!

Marisol: What is your design process from a concept to the production of a garment? When starting a new design I start with a flat pattern. Often elaborating the fabric into muslin on (which is the cloth we use to fashion a garment into shape). Then I’ll drape it on a model and make modifications along the way until the result is satisfactory.

Bella: What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?

The social networks play a major role in fashion today. To my brand, Tanieu, it has given me large visibility in one click! It has been an enriching experience meeting fashion bloggers and photographers that have taken an interest in my work. I have found that Instagram is a network of mutual support that is very pleasant.

Bella:How would you like women to feel when wearing your clothes? It is an honour for me to see a woman in my clothes. I’d like her to feel more confident and sexy and that she is proud to wear them.

Bella: What is your style? What do you love to wear the most? My style is discreet and sober. I often wear trousers that are comfortable and practical.

We would like to thank you Taniu Creatrice for the design, time and answering our questions.

Special thank you to other fabulous women who collaborated with us on this project:

Photography @amataart_design

Makeup @fleekyclaire,


Bella and Marisol

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