Hotel Royal Evian- Idyllic, 5* hotel for the most comfortable stay in Evian-les-Bains. Family Review

Family dream escape to the iconic Palace Hotel in Evian-les-Bains

Hotel Royal Evian is the most impressive hotel around Geneva Lake. It is located in the famous Evian-les-Bain, the ultimate wellness destination for over 2 centuries. Visited by royals, celebrities and elite from all over the world. I have already stayed in Evian 2 times in the past, but this time my stay was so much different on many levels. Mostly because it was a true family experience and a short but sweet revitalization getaway. I was surrounded by French-Style luxury in the most idyllic setting, between the lake and the mountains. Without further ado, you can read below how my stay at Hotel Royal Evian looked like.

Hotel Royal Evian- Idyllic, 5* hotel for the most comfortable stay in Evian-les-Bains


The Royal Evian Hotel was built in 1909 in honour of King Edward VII, kind of England. Sadly, he never got to enjoy his stay, as he died shortly before the opening of Hotel Royal. However, in the hotel’s history, there were many holidaymakers who came to this famous establishment. Deeply connected with the Evian natural water and thermal spa. To name a few notable guests I could start with: Marcel Proust, Edith Piaf, Greta Garbo, Ray Charles, Queen Mother (of England) and many royal heads, ambassadors. The luxury of the establishment, location and all amenities attract guests from all over the world up to now.

Hotel Royal Evian is part of Evian Resort (part of the Danone group) that features also 4 stars hotel, Hotel Ermitage. The whole complex is located on a 47-acre property. Nestled in nature: gardens and park with centennial trees. It is a peaceful oasis before only available for privileged ones now attracts a variety of guests.

The hotel was built in one of my favourite architectural styles: Art Nouveau and Art Déco. Taking to account the status of the place and the wealth of its patrons, the interiors of the hotel were beautifully decorated. Walls and ceilings were covered in frescoes by Gustave Louis Jaulmes. A Swiss painter, who worked with neoclassical style.

In 2015 hotel was fully renovated by French architect François Champsaur in collaboration with François Chatillon. Both are well-known architects, working for the French government’s department for national heritage sites. They maintained the original style and added contemporary touch, creating a very unique place. A year after renovation, the hotel received the prestigious status: the “Palace” and is also a member of the Leading Hotels of the World.

Hotel Royal Evian- General Information

As I already mentioned before Hotel Royal Evian is perfectly located on the hills between Geneva lake and the Alps. The resort has 47-acre of ground and the hotel itself has 150 rooms and suites. There are 32 suites to be exact, including 207m2 Royal Suite. There are even golf-themed suites. Everyone can find the perfect space for their holidays.

To access the hotel, you can choose from:

Plane: Nearest Airport is in Geneva, 45 km from Evian-les-Bains

Train: For example TGV train from Paris and CEVA train from Geneva to Evian

Boat: Lausanne-Evian

Taxi: Please contact the concierge to book a taxi from Geneva airport.

Car: Parking at the hotel has also charging stations for electric cars.

The Room – Residence Lake View

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I entered this room. It had the perfect charm of Belle Epoque mixed with the modern design and comfort. I loved the attention to detail and how welcomed my child was at the resort. Little bathrobe, slippers and backpack waited for him and also special snacks and drinks for children. Even my dog Matisse (a Yorkshire miniature) felt like home. Mostly because the room had nearly the same armchair as we have at home (even in the same colour). The room of course had all amenities that 5* hotel could have, including a tablet, with all necessary information and functions. We loved the beautiful lake view, comfortable bed and most lovely bathroom.

Hotel Royal Evian- Idyllic, 5* hotel for the most comfortable stay in Evian-les-Bains

Spa Evian Source

The Spa Evian Source is 1,200 m² large and is a true haven for mind, body and soul. It features 24 treatment rooms. There is a a relaxation room, 2 heated pools, outdoor hydro-circuit, Jacuzzi, sauna, hairdresser and a fitness room. They work with a very prestigious Biologique Recherche brand, and some of you know that I am a big fan for many years. Not to mention that treatments done with these products are giving us the ultimate relaxation and results are visible straight away.

Hotel Royal Evian- Idyllic, 5* hotel for the most comfortable stay in Evian-les-Bains

The spa works on balance and beauty in 4 main treatment areas: Re-energy – to revive positive energy, Relaxation – to release built-up tension, Facial Revelation – for a radiant, bright and fresh complexion and Body Revelation – for a toned, hydrated and restructured body.

No wonder this Spa received a prestigious award and is the winner of France’s Best Resort Spa 2017.

In short, the Spa philosophy is 4 R:

Rebirth in Spring, Resplendent in summer, Reduce speed in autumn, Renewal in winter.

I had a chance to experience Warm Himalayan Salt Pouch Massage.It is massage with a perfect balance between manual massage and movements with the salt pochons. Relaxing and detoxifying. It left me relaxed, yet energized. I have been offered the Salt Pouches after the treatment to take them with me. They smell so divine and I keep them around bed for better sleep until now. Click here to find out the treatments menu.

This spa has the most beautiful relaxation room I have seen in my life. It’s a true Belle Epoque experience and I felt like placed in an old movie. From this room, you can go outside to the terrace and stay on the bed in the sun too. How fabulous is it?

Hotel Royal Evian- Culinary Heaven

Our stay at Hotel Royal made us long for a quick come back to try more delicious food, which we enjoyed so much.


This is my favourite meal and I love to enjoy it in the hotel and make it a brunch style. Breakfast is served at the beautiful La Véranda restaurant overlooking the grounds of the hotel. We decided to eat outside as it was a lovely morning. There is a buffet and also live cooking, so you can choose eggs the way you wish. I personally loved all pastries by Chef Patissier: Stéphane Arrete. It was my coup de Coeur in the morning and my son felt exactly the same.

Lunch & Dinner

For lunch, we joined the buffet served at L’Oliveraie. A lovely outdoor restaurant by the pool. They serve a Mediterranean-style buffet with a wonderful variety of healthy options and the most delicious desserts and cakes. The name of the place comes from the centenarian olive trees, that are around. I must add, the atmosphere of this place is truly Mediterranean and unique. You can also enjoy the view of the beautiful infinity pool and spend the most lovely time with no rush.

Hotel Royal Evian- Idyllic, 5* hotel for the most comfortable stay in Evian-les-Bains

I the evening we enjoyed dinner at La Véranda restaurant. In the evening this brasserie offers an easy-going atmosphere and the most beautiful views of the lake. We had a culinary journey with world-inspired cuisine. They use fresh and seasonal products and also have dishes from the region on the menu, including many seafood options. As an art historian, I couldn’t notice an interesting fresco by Marco Del Re (an Italian painter).

The Bar

In this case, Le Bar is an absolutely beautiful place and an example of the Belle Epoque style. There is a large round bar placed in the middle of the truly majestic room. The statement piece of this place is the designer chandelier, that ads a modern, chic and timeless feel. It’s a lovely place to relax and unwind, but also admire beautiful interiors. They also serve tea and coffee and cakes for the perfect Afternoon TeaTime. You can have it in the large salon that is surely one of the most beautiful parts of Hotel Royal Evian. There are art books and magazines, so it’s also a lovely place to read and dream.

Activities at Hotel Royal Evian

Discovery of the Cachat Spring and drinking water of the day.

To get to the beautiful, historic site we had to take an old Funicular. This electrical railway was inaugurated in 1907 and still looks very much Belle Epoque style. However, the train that we see today was renovated and started again in 2002. It’s a historical monument and one of only 3 funiculars from the 19th century that is operating. For this tasting, we have received limited edition reusable glass bottles evian x Virgil Abloh x Soma.

Hotel Royal Evian- Idyllic, 5* hotel for the most comfortable stay in Evian-les-Bains. Family Review 89


Another activity that we took during our stay was Tennis private coaching session with LUX coaching. There are few tennis courts in the resort, also indoor for colder days. When we spoke with our coach we found out that Stan Wawrinka has recently visited the hotel. Would be nice to meet him at the court … 🙂

Recontres Musicales

Evian-les-Bains is also known for its music festival: Rencontres Musicales, which takes place at the Evian Resort’s auditorium named Le Grange au Lac. It’s a very impressive building, with 1200 seats.


There is a long list of activities that can be done in Hotel Royal Evian, I wasn’t able to do many of them. but here is a shortlist of activities:


  • Hiking, helicopter ride, rock climbing


  • Rafting, canyoning, rowing, boat trip, visit of Yvoire


  • Mountain biking, visit of Chillon Castle or vineyards in Lavaux.


  • Skiing, snow-shoe walking, dog sledging, casino visit.
Hotel Royal Evian- Idyllic, 5* hotel for the most comfortable stay in Evian-les-Bains. Family Review 105
Infinity Pool

Kids Resort at Evian Royal Hotel

As a mom, I always pay a lot of attention to how the hotel looks after families. I must say that this is one of the best family-oriented hotels I stayed in recently. The childcare is personalized and very attentive. Up to 13 years old children stay in parent’s room free of charge. There is a very comfortable sleeping arrangement. There was a soft bathrobe and slippers in the room and also drinks and snacks for children. Not to mention a very well equipped kids club. Children can swim in the special pool, they have a Fabulous Garden Room and many adventures planned. In the evening there is also an option of having a babysitter in the room. It’s perfect for babies and small children. This service is provided by Baby Prestige, who works with Hotel Royal Evian. We absolutely loved it! When we had our lovely dinner, our son had his on the balcony enjoying the sunset. He was showered with attention and had a delicious, healthy meal.


Hotel Royal Evian is an idyllic place for the most unforgettable stay. It’s perfect for spa getaways, family holidays, sports weekends and more. It’s a hotel where everyone will find something for themselves, no matter if you love sport or music. You will be surrounded by luxury with a rich history, unspoiled nature and splendid architecture. It’s the place where Evian mineral water runs through the taps and this so is so unique.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this iconic hotel or if you would like to stay at Hotel Royal Evian in the future.

Useful Information

Hotel Royal Evian


Address: 960 Av. du Léman, 74500 Neuvecelle, France

Telephone: +33 (0)4 50 26 50 50


As always with love

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Hotel Royal Evian- Idyllic, 5* hotel for the most comfortable stay in Evian-les-Bains. Family Review 121
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