REPLICA by Maison Margiela. Number 1 dreamy scents for the Fall and Winter months that will bring up memories.

     Replica by Maison Margiela.

With changing seasons we not only swap our clothes to warmer ones but also our perfumes. Fragrances become cosier, less floral, but more warm and deep. We want to adapt to the season and boost our mood. Fall and winter are so much more about big sweaters, a fireplace, hot drinks in the hand and a nice book. In order to embrace these wonderful feelings Parisian Fashion House: Maison Margiela created the Replica line. Eau de toilette with scents that are

“a reproduction of familiar scents and moments of varying locations and periods”.

Each bottle tells a story and adds a special scent, mood and memories to our daily life. Today I have selected for your 5 favourite Fall/Winter scents that will make you love these seasons even more.

Replica by Maison Margiela.  Number 1 dreamy scents for the Fall and Winter months that will bring up memories.

There are fourteen fragrances in this unique range of Eau de Toilettes. They are aiming to replicate the scents of memorable places and times. Creating stories that capture us with their smells, but also visuals and touch. Each bottle makes note of the scent memory on the label, the description of the fragrance, the provenance and period of time and whether it is intended for ladies, men or unisex.

For this reason, I cannot explain how I am excited about this range of perfumes. I love the luxurious yet minimal packaging and the neat and clean bottle. The plain glass and simple label have no need for frills and bows. The perfume itself can speak volumes.

Here is my selection of Fall / Winter scents for women and men:

Replica by Maison Margiela: Whispers in the Library, Oxford, 1997 (Unisex)

This scent is inspired by the scent of wax wood and paper, the combination of paper notes with woody and warm notes of cedar and vanilla recreates the atmosphere of an ancestral library. This scent evokes a feeling of elegance and sophistication. Ideal for days when we want to read books or even go to the upscale event.

REPLICA by Maison Margiela. Number 1 dreamy scents for the Fall and Winter months that will bring up memories. 3

My very personal memories: Time when I was writing my Master degree thesis and I was spending 8 h a day in the University Library. I still remember the beautiful large room filled with books, the smell of them and my little desk with a lamp.

Replica by Maison Margiela By The Fireplace, Chaminix 1971 (Unisex)

By the Fireplace evokes cosy winter evenings indoors next to an enveloping fire. The snow gently falls on the frosty white landscape as you are lulled by the gracious dancing flames. This warm and cosy Eau de Toilette brings up the scent of burning wood, clove oil, chestnuts and red berries. The sweet notes of vanilla reinforce the warm and cosy sensation brought by this perfume. It’s ideal for the mountains get-away, relaxing in the chalet after the skiing day. For those who would love to feel this energy, they can recreate it at home with a glass of mulled wine in their hand.


My very personal memories: I have been to Chamonix many, many times and it was for a long time my favourite ski destination. However, when I opened By the Fireplace perfumes I instantly thought about a small chalet hotel when we stayed a couple of years ago and I was spending all evenings by the fire sipping mulled wine.

Replica by Maison Margiela Jazz Club, Brooklyn 2013 (Masculine)

The Jazz Club fragrance by Maison Margiela captures the elegant bouquet of premium cigars.  It is a mix of tobacco leaf absolute and pink pepper, with orange notes, vanilla and tonka beans. The scent is indicative of exactly what it claims to be. The heady eau de toilette recreates the exquisite and rich aromas of cocktails with notes of Vanilla Beans and Rum absolute. It brings up memories of Brooklyn, jazz music and clubs like from the movies. It’s Ideal for bold and masculine men, who want to wear strong, deep perfumes. Mostly in the evening. Even though it’s a masculine scent I personally like it a lot and use it too.

My very personal memories: Last time when I stayed in Brooklin was in 2017. I was in love with the vibrant atmosphere of this area, I didn’t go to a Jazz club, but there was Jazz music playing everywhere we went.

Replica Coffee Break, Stockholm 2007 (unisex)

Coffee Break brings up memories of a coffee break in a nice café in a busy city. It’s a comforting and cosy, sweet scent. This Eau de toilette is composed of addictive notes of coffee softly blended with the tenderness of aromatic lavender. A unique milky and hot addiction to recall sweet and delicious moments. It’s elegant, complex and decadent. Ideal for coffee dates, sweet breaks at home during work or strolling the city.

My very personal memories: I lived in Sweden in 2009 and it was a very memorable time for me. I have never drunk so much coffee as I did over there. Fika was one of my favourite parts of the day. I can still smell it, strong, delicious coffee everywhere I went to. I loved how everyone was always welcoming me with coffee.

Replica by Maison Margiela Autumn Vibes (unisex)

Autumn Vibes REPLICA tells a tale of Montreal, 2018 and taking a stroll in a foliage-filled park. Surrounded by red berries, moss, wood, and spices, without a heavy nighttime feel, this is sure to be your year-end go-to scent. It was easy to feel these vibes for me, I applied scent on my skin and instantly enjoyed the beautiful season that we have right now. This Eau de Toilette is recently launched. You can scent cardamom and pink pepper; nutmeg, carrot seeds and maple, cedar and moss.

My very personal memories: Sadly I have never been to Canada, but this scent brings for me memories of Park next to my home in Poland. I used to play there a lot with my dog in Autumn as she was in love with hiding in the fallen leaves.

All perfumes are available at Marionnaud and right now they are on offer for 102 CHF instead of 136 CHF.


If you could choose an ideal bottle or a memory, what would it be? And which of these ten scents you are most tempted? Or perhaps you are like me and would love to try them all. I am looking forward to hearing from you in the comments.

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Replica by Maison Margiela.  Number 1 dreamy scents for the Fall and Winter months that will bring up memories.

As always with love

Bella Zofia xx

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Your Fashion, Beauty and Travel Blogger from Geneva
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