Llaollao frozen yogurt -Most healthy desserts in Geneva and number 1 in the world.

Llaollao frozen yogurt -Most healthy desserts in Geneva and number 1 in the world. 1

Llaollao frozen yogurts are most famous froyos in the world. If you are in ice cream fan like me. You want to enjoy them without compromising on calories intake, then Llallao is just the perfect solution for you. Llaollao Geneva is present in Geneva since 2017 and located right in the city center on Rue du Marche. There are 2 more outlets in Geneva’s shopping malls, one in “La Praille” since 2018 and one in Balexert. The 2nd one was just recently opened, in summer 2021. They also have a foodtruck that is selling froyo in different places in cantons of Geneva and Vaud. This foodtruck can also be rented for private events.

Llaollao frozen yogurt -Most healthy desserts in Geneva and number 1 in the world. 3
Lllaollao Foodtruck at La Praille

Why Lllaollao?

It’s a frozen yogurt made from skimmed milk and it’s up to you, if you like to have it simple or add toppings. At Lllaollao they believe that every person is different and has a different taste. That is why they created a concept where everyone creates their own dessert. There is a variety of different toppings available and you can choose from more healthy ones or more sweet. Fruit ones are for example: blueberries, raspberries, mango, crunchy ones: peanuts, lotus cookies, M&Ms. Cherry on the top are the sauces. Here you also can have choice between fruits sauces, pistachio cream, chocolate, caramel or my favorite lotus cookies. Selection is so tempting and I always have the biggest problem with which ones to choose. As you can see Llaollao frozen yogurt is a fully customizable treat.

I call it a treat, but it’s also a dessert full of nutrients. Froyo with no toppings has only: 103 calories, which is pretty good. It has 175 mg of calcium, 3 grams of protein, contains probiotics and has 0 trans fats. A treat without a guilt 😉

Llaollao frozen yogurt -Most healthy desserts in Geneva and number 1 in the world. 11

Menu at Llaollao

Apart from personalized Llaollao frozen yogurts desserts you can find other sweets. Among many there are: frappes, milkshakes, pancakes and Sanum. I personally am a huge fan of frappe, so if you are like me then you will like them a lot at Lllaollao. For example they have caramel or chocolate mocha that is delicious and healthy at the same time. There is also something very Swiss in the menu: a fruit fondue. Created with three fruits, dark chocolate sauce and frozen yogurt. They are all made with the same frozen yogurt which means that it’s a healthier version of these delicious snacks. They also have a Kid’s menu, which is a small version of Froyo with a bracelet for a child. It’s one of these bracelets that changes color when touched and it either white or red. My son loves it a lot and I am sure that all children find it very entertaining. Last but not least there is a breakfast menu too. It includes a frappe mocha and a gaufre. Sounds like a sweet breakfast has a new name Lllaollao breakfast 🙂

Prices: Lllaollao frozen yogurt starts from 5.90 Chf. Large one with 3 toppings costs 9.90 Chf.

If you fancy a large dessert then Sanum costs 11.90 chf. It is made with llaollao frozen yogurt, 3 different fruits, 2 crunchy toppings and 2 sauces. It’s the ultimate pleasure 🙂


Llaollao Brand has been created in 2009 in Spain. Since then has been a leader in retail openings across the world. They currently have over 220 outlets on 4 continents. Llaollao brand is very strong and eye catching. Graphic identity created with bright green color is linked with the Lime fruit. This color makes us think about lively, energetic, sustainable, authentic and healthy things. The packaging and branding is simple and clean. In my opinion one of the key success point is the simplicity that attracts people to Llaollao. In 2013, llaollao was chosen by Sandwich & Snack Show Academy as one of 12 best business concepts of the year. It also was featured in many noble magazines as one of the best business of the year. Not bad right?

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Brand Logo

In Geneva and Lausanne since 2017 owner of Llaollao outlest is LHR Gourmet,. LHR is a consulting company created by Mr. Louay Rassam, who has an extensive experience in the finance business. He now owns 4 outlets of Llaollao and a Swiss foodtruck, that can be rented in Geneva and Vaud.

We believe in bringing our clients the best quality products.

and Lllaollao frozen yogurt is definitely a product that Swiss families love and trust. Including mine.


Lllaollao frozen yogurt is a healthy and delicious treat. It’s so easy to grab this dessert on the go, while doing shopping or strolling in the city. It’s fabulous for all the families and also smaller children can eat it. As a mom I know that children love frozen yogurt as much as the ice cream.

Please let me know in the comment if you know Lllaollao brand already and if you like these healthy dessert too. If you search for more recommendation about my favorite Geneva restaurants please click here.

Llaollao frozen yogurt -Most healthy desserts in Geneva and number 1 in the world. 30
New Lllaollao outlet in Balexert

Useful Information

Llaollao Website Geneva and Lausanne

Lllaollao Main website

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: +41 22 366 8877

Adress: Rue du Marché 3, 1204 Genève



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Llaollao frozen yogurt -Most healthy desserts in Geneva and number 1 in the world. 32

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