Absalon Hotel Copenhagen, cozy 4-stars hotel in famous Vesterbro.

Absalon Hotel Copenhagen is a lovely family-owned Boutique hotel that has been my home away from home during CPHFW. It was a short stay for me, but absolutely charming and most comfortable. I enjoyed a lot its location, rooms and cool Copenhagen vibes. There was also fantastic Danish design, yummy food and happy staff. However, there is much more to my stay than that. Well, without further ado you can read below how my stay at Absalon Hotel Copenhagen looked like.

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Location of Absaon Hotel

This hotel has one of the best locations in Copenhagen. In fact, it took me 12 min by train to arrive at Central Train Station from the airport. I left the station and shortly after saw the most stunning buildings across the street-facing each other. A historic Absalon Hotel and Andersen a lifestyle, boutique hotel. I stayed 1 night in both of them. I wanted to have a full experience of these iconic sisters hotels. The area where these hotels are located is called: Vesterbro.

Last year Lonely Planet named Vesterbro as one of the top 10 coolest neighborhoods in the world.

This title is well-deserved. Vesterbro is one of the coolest parts of the city. There are many nice restaurants, cafés, design stores and clubs. I love its beautiful architecture and food markets. Especially fruits and vegetable ones. Full of organic, delicious products.

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Absalon Hotel is located in an elegant, white neo-classical 19th-century building. They first opened their doors in 1938 as a mission house. There were only 19 rooms at that time. The hotel is now run by Karen Nedergaard, the granddaughter of the founder. So the hotel is in the same family now 3rd generation. This is so impressive.

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The ambiance

In 2015 there has been a large renovation performed and now they have 161 beautiful rooms and suites, but according to the Hotel:

We still remain as personal and warm-hearted as ever.

There is still a boutique hotel feel even though there are so many rooms. I had a chance to speak with Anne Søndergaard Mikkelsen the hotel manager. After this conversation, I realized that they want to create a very special environment for the guests. They wish guests to feel at home away from home. That is why the hotel is so cosy, stuff is helpful and all guests are happy. Their vision is to host people from all over the world. Welcome them again and again. They surely succeeded in this philosophy, as I am sure that I will come back too. Next time with my family.

The moment I walked into the hotel I felt welcomed. Everyone was smiling at me and was very helpful. Later on, I found out that Absalon Hotel Copenhagen received an award for being the best employer in 2018. I am not surprised.


The lounge and reception area is made in traditional Danish design, full of colours and small details. It’s a welcoming place to read a newspaper or to have a coffee. There is also a patio and tables in front of the hotel. There is plenty of sitting area to choose from. Guest can also play some board games, ideal for families, and not only.

Regarding the colours in the hotel, it is full of rich blues and green shades. There are many quirky decorations all over the place. For example telephone booth, vintage typewriters, bookshelves and a fake fireplace. It’s a lifestyle lobby with an urban touch.

The Rooms

Absalon Hotel Copenhagen has rooms and suites to choose from. They all feature beautiful designs by Designer’s Guild. Rooms have reasonable sizes and prices. Copenhagen hotels can be very expensive. Especially in summer and many hotels have small rooms.

I have stayed in a Superior Room. It’s on the top floor and offers a wonderful view of city life. It’s a soundproof room, which is important to me. I had a very good night thanks to this.

The room has a small area with a mini-kitchen, Nespresso coffee machine, fridge and cupboards. The main room had everything I needed. Very comfortable bed, coffee table, armchairs, desk. It was very colourful, rooms were also decorated with Designer’s Guild wallpapers and accessories. There were three main colours in the room. Green, fuchsia and black against white walls. Each room type has a different colour palette. The ceiling was very high and altogether created a nice designed space. Not to mention plush carpet that adds luxurious vibes.


The reservation system at Absalon Hotel Copenhagen is unique and different to what I am used to in Switzerland. All updates are made online. We can make changes to the reservation over there. My friend arrived earlier than me and I received a notification about the check-in time and the room number. I found it very useful and modern. I do feel that in Scandinavia they seek for most effective solutions in all aspects of life.

Room prices start with 700 DKR (around 95 EUR) for a single room. Superior Room starts from 1350 DKR (around 180 EUR)). As you can see prices are very affordable.

Food & Drinks

I was happy to find out that the hotel offers complimentary breakfast to the guests. They also have a bar on-site and a room service.



Absalon Hotel’s breakfast was everything we need on a morning before a day full of fashion shows. The buffet included many delicious pastries and bread. To be honest one of the best I had in a long time. There were some essentials like eggs, omelettes and pancakes. Also yoghurts, chia pudding and fruits. My friend Marzena was also very happy as she could choose from gluten-free and vegan options. What I truly loved was a big coffee pot on each table. We could directly serve ourselves coffee and did not have to ask for refills.




Bar at Absalon Hotel Copenhagen is definitely the place where you want to be in the evening. It was so lively and full of people enjoying themselves. I like the cocktails menu and the nice music. It’s a nice place to unwind after a long day.


Copenhagen is on my top list for weekend destinations and one favourite of Europe’s capitals. There are many hotels to choose from, but Absalon Hotel Copenhagen is a top choice for many travellers for years. They offer a unique, cosy atmosphere. Personal treatment, central location and delicious breakfast. Great value for money thanks to reasonable prices. I would recommend it to solo travellers and families, as they also feature family rooms. People who would like to stay in a trendy part of the city and who like to be nearby to important tourist attractions. I loved my Copenhagen Fashion Week stay and this hotel added even more unique vibes to this special trip. Now I plan to come back with my family. I will keep you posted, so stay tuned.

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Useful Information

Absalon Hotel


Address: Helgolandsgade 15
1653 København V
CVR 32781829

Telephone: +45 3331 4344


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