SchlossHotel, number 1 hotel for a relaxing stay in a fairytale Zermatt. Plus best review of New CBD Spa and the ultimate guide to alluring Zermatt.

SchlossHotel Zermatt. My dear readers, as many of you most likely know by now I do love Zermatt and weekend getaways to the fairytale village and its mesmerizing mountain. We are so extremely lucky that ski resorts are open in Switzerland, while in most of the places everyone can only dream about skiing or snowshoeing. After last weekend in Verbier another iconic Swiss ski resort, together with my friend Anna we went on another adventure, this time to Zermatt, to be close to the Toblerone mountain once again. When we were on the train, the weather still looked very iffy and we were worried that we might not see the Matterhorn during this trip, however, we soon found out that we were extremely lucky. The sky was clear throughout our stay, it was warm and sunny, in short it was just perfect! When we arrived at the train station in Zermatt, we could see an electric bus from the SchlossHotel already waiting for us. The driver took our luggage, we got on to the bus and after a few seconds, we were already leaving the car… as the hotel was literally around the corner from the train station. This was a little surprise for me and I have never stayed so close to the station while in Zermatt.

SchlossHotel in Zermatt. Matterhorn mountain in Schloss Hotel Zermat. Window view

I. SchlossHotel, interesting facts.

On the way to the hotel, we were passing some old cute cottages similar to the style of the hotel, which we later found out that they are also part of the SchlossHotel complex. The whole complex contains SchlossHotel, SchlossHouse, SchlossCottage and the Alex Lodge. There is an interesting story about this hotel.

In 1964 Mr. Lothar Stöpfer, an artist and chef from Zermatt, planned the construction of a guest house. In order to do that he bought five old barns near Randa, dismantled them and used that dark wood to build the guest house, Tenne. The hotel opened in 1965 and this is when history of the hotel begun.

Nearly 20 years after his business was acquired by the family of Alex Perren. They renovated the hotel is only five months time and created different style rooms. Some of the hotel rooms were decorated in Art Nouveau style and others in typical to the region, rustic Alpine look.

In 2011, Alex Perren Junior and his wife Pamela took over the Schloss Hotel Tenne, and a year after they redesign the hotel and added 17 new rooms and suites. They also changed the name of the hotel from Tenne to «Schlosshotel Zermatt» and changed the concept of the place, by running Bed and Breakfast, not a restaurant anymore, as the first owner. They focused on offering to their gusts more relaxing and luxury holidays in a fairy-tale village. I had a chance to meet both Alex and Pamela and it was wonderful to see how much passion and energy they have and how welcoming and warm they are.

II. Room with a view

We arrived in the middle of high season and the hotel was fully booked and so lively. We were given a Deluxe Double Room on the 1st floor with a Matterhorn view. There is nothing more beautiful than waking up in Zermatt, opening the curtains and seeing Matterhorn, and each time this magnificent mountain looks so different. We were lucky with the weather, the sky was clear, but there was always a small cloud hugging the mountain from one side, it looked so beautiful.

Bella Zofia, on the balcony in SchlossHotel Zermatt

Our room was very cosy, with beautiful details and a stylish sitting area. The bed was so comfortable that I don’t remember when was the last time when I slept so well. Later on, I found out that they use Jensen beds, they are Norwegian high-quality beds. The room had around 35 sqm and also featured a large bathroom. I would say it was ideal for a couple, friends or even a couple with a small child, as there was enough space to add a baby cot ( as I am a mom this aspect is so important to me, so I always take it to the account, even when I travel with friends.

Superior double room in Schloss Hotel
Picture courtesy of Schloss Hotel

II. Wellness

When it comes to wellness then what SchlossHotel has to offer can’t be easily beaten. Over 600 sqm of the completely new wellness area and a first in Switzerland CBD Spa can impress.

Bella Zofia in CBD SPA in SchlossHotel Zermatt

What is CBD?

CBD is an abbreviation from Cannabidiol and is one of over 100 chemical compounds found in cannabis. The psychoactive substance that gives the high effect is called THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and is not part of CBD, so there will not be a psychoactive effect, just pure relaxation. It’s about feeling good and deep relaxation, than anything else. It is legal in Switzerland and a Swiss distributor SwissCBD supply the spa. Some benefits of CBD are:

  • Pain relief
  • Helps with insomnia
  • Helps with the muscles pains
  • Helps with reduction of anxiety and depression
  • Helps reduce symptoms related to cancer
  • Helps to reduce acne
  • May provide benefits for those with neurological disorders
  • Benefits for the heart and circulatory system

I have tried a CBD herbal steam room and different showers with wonderful scents and pressures. In the spa there are massages with hemp oil and treatments involving the natural product cannabidiol, there are also classic saunas, relaxation rooms or salt rooms. I must say that before I came to the spa I had an issue with my sinuses and my nose was blocked, but after the visit, to the spa all the symptoms were gone and I felt so relaxed and calm. I am not sure if it’s only thanks to the CBD benefits, but it worked on me.

Bella Zofia in Finish Sauna in SchlossHotel Zermatt

Apart from mentioned above CBD Spa, there is also a large indoor pool and one of the best-equipped hotel gyms I have recently seen. All machines that I like to use were there, there were also free weights and accessories for cardio. I liked this gym so much that I found it easy to wake up at 7 just to squeeze in some exercise before breakfast. What is also interesting is that next to the gym there is a yoga studio, I didn’t have a chance to try it, as due to Covid there is a limitation to the participants, but it is very popular and there is a very good instructor running these classes.

III. Breakfast of the champions

I am always so excited about hotel breakfast/ brunch and SchlossHotel exceeded my expectations. The first morning we joined the breakfast buffet that during the Covid times has 2 different sitting times, in order to avoid too many people at the same time. When it comes to the food, we were more than happy, the choice was wonderful and everything was delicious. To name a few: waffles, eggs, sausages, muesli, yoghurts, cheeses, pastries, fresh orange juice and a good coffee. We really enjoyed it a lot, also the restaurant is very cute, cosy and in an old chalet type.

Breakfast room in Schloss Hotel Zermatt

For some time now I was dreaming about a nice breakfast in bed. I already had my short workout at the gym behind me, it was Sunday a sunny morning and we decided to order a room service breakfast and eat it in bed. Anna was up for waffles and I thought why not… sometimes it’s so nice to spoil ourselves. We ordered our favourites, bircher muesli, waffles, bread, cheeses, fruits and pain aux raisin. I think that our faces say it all, we loved it and we truly recommend ordering breakfast to bed at least once during your stay at SchlossHotel.

Swiss Influencer having breakfast in bed in Schloss Hotel Zermatt

IV. Fondue on the Balcony and an Afternoon Tea Anyone?

These 2 experiences sound just perfect yes? Well, I loved them so much.

SchlossHotel doesn’t have a restaurant as such, but it’s still possible to have lunch on the terrace or snacks in the bar or order a fondue to your room and eat it on the balcony. We have tried the Fondue Experience and it was just magical. Delicious cheese fondue, a bottle of good wine, sun on our faces and Matterhorn view. I truly recommend it to everyone.

Regarding the afternoon snacks, if you are a sweet tooth just like me then you will love Afternoon Tea offered by the hotel. You can visit the breakfast room any time from 3 pm to 6 pm and have a coffee or tea and try some of the delicious mini-cakes and cookies or fruit from the buffet. On the 2nd day, we actually took our coffee and plate with cakes to the room and it was truly a sweet and relaxing afternoon.

SchlossHotel, number 1 hotel for a relaxing stay in a fairytale Zermatt. Plus best review of New CBD Spa and the ultimate guide to alluring Zermatt. 62

V. What to do in Zermatt in Winter?

Zermatt has so much to offer to its visitors during all the season, but winter in my opinion is best. This jet-setting village in known all over the world for its famous mountain Matterhorn, romantic views, long slopes, the charming old part and wonderful hospitality. It can accommodate people, who are searching for adventures and active holidays and equally people who prefer a more relaxing way of spending time.

Zermatt Matterhorn, Gornergrat

Schloss Hotel is only a two-minute walk away from the Gornergrat railway and we decided to take this panoramic train and head to the white paradise Gornergrat, we also wanted to eat lunch up there and take lots of content pictures. This trip is wonderful to experience, views are changing a lot and we could see Matterhorn from many different angles. On the Zermatt Matterhorn website you can find other experiences in Gornergrat, for example Gornergrat gourmet ticket or Moonlight fascination Gornergrat.

Panoramic train Zermatt Matterhorn

Here are some other ideas on what to do in Zermatt in the Winter:

Skiing– Zermatt is the highest ski area in Europe and it’s possible to also ski in the Summer, moreover in two countries at the same time ( Switzerland and Italy). Zermatt ski areas are divided into the regions of Rothorn, Gornergrat, Matterhorn glacier paradise and Cervinia at the Italian side. There is 360 km of slopes: 75 blue, 63 black and 220 red. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an expert skier you will find the right one for yourself.

Heliskiing with Air Zermatt- You can fly up in small groups to the height of over 4000 metres above sea level, by the Matterhorn, and at the summit, you can ski down. This experience is on my bucket list and I hope that next year I will be confident enough to ski all the way down from the top of the top.

Snowshoeing and Hiking – an option for non-skiers. You can snowshoe on Gornergrat with the most beautiful views: the Matterhorn. There are so many sun terraces with stunning views, so it’s wonderful to do winter hiking with the views of Zermatt, Täsch and Randa. You can enjoy a nice picnic up in the mountains, like for example I did in January, you can read it about it here. Some examples of easy hike route: The winter walk from Blauherd to Fluhalp ( 2,2 km) to a medium one Zermatt-Zmutt, this trail goes through a winter wonderland of past times (3,5 km), from Zermatt, the trail climbs gently to the hamlet of Zmutt. Other activities can include ice skating, gondola excursions, culinary hikes or sledging. To find more inspiration/ packages please check Zermatt Matterhorn website here.

SchlossHotel, number 1 hotel for a relaxing stay in a fairytale Zermatt. Plus best review of New CBD Spa and the ultimate guide to alluring Zermatt. 80

Last but not least, I recommend you a simple walk in the Zermatt village. Now shops are open, so it was lively on the streets. There is also a lovely viewpoint by the Church, Kirchplatz viewpoint, which is fantastic to take the pictures.

VI. Bella Zofia’s Tips.

The best Way to enjoy SchlossHotel is to plan some outdoor activities after breakfast and then plan many hours at the CBD Spa in the afternoon. For the dinner, I recommend hotel Alex, which is owned by the same family. I and Anna enjoyed dinner at Alex Grill restaurant a lot, there is an open grill and delicious menu, Art Nouveau interior and a lively atmosphere. Truly a gem.

I must say that I can’t wait to be back at this hotel soon, but next time I will definitely spend more time in the Spa. Please let me know in the comment if you have already been to Zermatt and what do you like most about my suggestions for the stay in that dreamy place.

If you would like to read my other hotel recommendations in Zermatt, please click here.

VII. Useful Information

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Telephone: +41 27 966 44 00
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VIII. Thank you Note

  • I would like to thank to the SchlossHotel for the most warm welcome and fabulous stay.
  • To Zermatt Matterhorn for a the VIP Passes and to Christian for saving me in the moment of panic 🙂
  • To Alila Brand for dressing us in fashionable and warm clothes and handbags.
  • To Schuss Apparel for my new ski suit

As always,

With love

Bella Zofia xx

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