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Bucherer BLUE

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Lifestyle collection: BLUE by Bucherer

My friends last month I had a pleasure to be invited to Zurich to celebrate the release of new Bucherer BLUE line by Bucherer. It was quite an exceptional event, as the whole venue of Folium was covered in blue and we could admire beautiful watch collection and art by Bucherer heroes.

Group photo of influencers. From the left: @emmanuelkidimbu, @uenalkaraguel, @bella_zofia, @itsmarinasummer,, @vostyle.byolga @huyxluong @remostaubli

The Blue Watch

The watch that I had on during the event was Chopard Happy Sport 36 mm automatic model, elegant yet sporty with with sapphires and moving diamonds. Created in 3 different models specially for Bucherer BLUE collection.

Cosmic, String Art Installation

Bucherer invitated to this campaign 3 heroes that are pioneers in their fields, are bold and extraordinary. Below you can see me posing next to art installation by Polish artist Marta Basandowska from DECODETHECODE project. Her installation is a bridge between mapping technology with sculpture and she works with strings as a medium.



Blue Forrest

2nd hero of Bucherer BLUE is Claudia Moseley from British studio Shuster + Moseley. She creates light-mobiles, sculptural installations. Installation created for the event was of course in the color blue, made from glass round shapes, hanging from the ceiling. There were moving, giving beautiful sounds and played with shadows.

Shuster + Moseley, Photo by Philipp Klemm

Shuster + Moseley, Photo by Philipp Klemm

The Fencer

3rd hero of the campaign is Miles Chamley Watson, World Champion in Fencing and an Olympic Medal Winner. The outstanding watch that he is wearing is: PANERAI LUMINOR MARINA BUCHERER BLUE, that is promoted as a future classic and I have no doubts that it will happen.

Me with Miles Chamley Watson and Olga Voegeli.

The video that presents the Bucherer BLUE campaign shows the spirit of the event and the collection perfectly.

Bucherer BLUE new collection was beyond what I expected. I love the idea of the campaign and that it is created for people with vision, passion and who inspire others.

Here is an official statement about the BLUE campaign :

'In a world of relaxed luxury, there’s a place for the daring pioneers – a space for the innovative and the creative. Where you don’t aspire to a certain lifestyle, but inspire a new breed of existence. It’s where creators and curators, bring the unexpected to life. Where they fulfill a burning desire to turn daring ideas into reality. Celebrating the extraordinary, inspiring us all to ask ourselves: What’s your exceptional? '

What's your exceptional? It made me think about it a lot and by now I know the answers to this questions. How about and you?

What’s your exceptional?

With love


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