Mesolift Treatment. Is it worth it? My experience at Beauty Design by Eva studio in Geneva.

My Mesolift experience at Beauty Design by Eva

Mesolift Treatment. Is it worth it? My experience at Beauty Design by Eva studio in Geneva. 2

Most likely you already know that I love to try new treatments and I take care of my skin religiously. All my daily rituals, supplements and visits in the treatment rooms gives me a lot of pleasure and a little excitement. When I met Eva, owner of Beauty Design by Eva, she made such a good impression on me. She is not only a Medical Aesthetician, but she also has a training center, where she teaches other aestheticians . After a consultations we decided that I will try 2 sessions of Mesolift treatment and below you can find out what is a Mesolift. I will guide you through my experience and tell you if it’s a good investment.

Mesolift Treatment. Is it worth it? My experience at Beauty Design by Eva studio in Geneva. 4

“Mesolift is perhaps the closest thing you’ll get to transforming the quality of your skin by way of targeted ingredients” – Harper’s Bazaar

What is Mésolift?

Mesolift is a minimally invasive procedure where a series of superfine injections are inserted. With a nutritious and moisturizing cocktail based on hyaluronic acid, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. . This infusion of savvy ingredients nourishes and rejuvenates the skin while also stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.
Mesolift is a treatment that is perfect for dehydrated, dull skin with visible wrinkles. It moisturizes, gives radiance and glow, nourishing it from the inside. The skin becomes brighter, firm and more elastic.
It can be done on:

  • The whole face (the most commonly treated area)
  • The neck
  • The cleavage
  • The backs of the hands.

Results: The skin is hydrated, more supple and fine lines and wrinkles are progressively reduced. It can be combined with botox or filler to enhance the effects of other treatments.

My experience.

I was a little bit afraid that this treatment will be painful, but it was not at all. I could feel the application from the tube with little needles on my skin. It felt like scratches across my face. The needle goes in and out very quickly and then I could also feel the vitamins dripping down the surface of my skin on my face during the treatment, which was quite refreshing! My skin is very sensitive, so it was a little bit red after the around 30 min treatment . After Eva applied a cooling mask with rose petals to calm the redness and I stayed around 20 min under the LED light therapy with the mask on. When I left the treatment room, I had only little redness on my face. The results appeared from the first session, the skin was softer and moisturized, small wrinkles, mostly around the eye area were nearly not visible. I just felt an overall improvement of my complexion. To obtain more remarkable results Eva advised to repeat this treatment 2 weeks after. After 2nd session my skin was a little bit more red than the first time, but I could see a bigger difference the next day. Truly it will be my go to treatment before big events or when I will need some boost on my skin.

Is it worth it?

Price of Mesolift is 300 Chf per session and ideally 2 or 3 sessions are recommended. In my opinion it’s a great investment, as only using creams at home will not give us such a great results. Before I started treatments my skin was extremely dehydrated, even though I was using good creams and only after this treatment my skin hydration was normal. I saw also other positive effects. In my opinion it’s great to do cure of Mesolift 2 times per year for optimal results.

About Beauty Design by Eva.

Eva’s studio is based by the lake next to Rue du Rhone, so location is just perfect and views amazing. Apart from Mesolift Eva performs other treatments from medical aesthetic field, like Hyaluron pen, microneedling, BB Glow (that I would love to try) and plasma pen.

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