Le Floris by Jean-Edern Hurstel- Geneva’s Number 1 Breathtaking Lakefront Restaurant

Breathtaking views, wonderful ambiance and most delicious food by Top Chef Jean-Edern Hurstel

Le Floris by Jean-Edern Hurstel

On 30th of April Le Floris by Jean-Edern Hurstel has reopened its doors and in my short article I would like to share with you what is this place and my experience at Le Floris, so please read below to find out more.

I. Venue and some history

Le Floris by Jean-Edern Hurstel

This iconic venue is located on the shores of Geneva lake, about 10, 15 minutes drive from Geneva, in a posh area of Anières. This place has been well-known to Geneva residents since a long time, but recently it has been reopened by talented French chef Jean-Edern Hurstel and entrepreneur Lionel Roques. The idea of this place is to hosts guests any time of a day and for any occasion. It has four different spaces: Gastronomic Fusion Restaurant, Bar Lounge, a bistro, chalet style: La Pinte and a garden “Jardin du Floris” (still not completely finished). Whole establishment has over 2000 m2 including beautiful garden that surrounds the property. For nearly half a century Le Floris was run by chef Claude Legras with impressive achievements like: Meilleur Ouvrier de France, 17/20 at GaultMillau and two Michelin stars. Claude has retired recently and he proposed to Jean-Edern Hustel to take over his restaurant. Jean-Edern completely renovated the venue and added more modern touch. It’s an ideal place for family lunch, drinks, dinners, small parties or even wedding receptions.

It offers wonderful views, cuisine, drinks and unique ambiance. It’s a true delight to stay there.

II. Food

I had a lunch with my friend Anna in a Le Floris by Jean-Edern Hurstel fusion restaurant, where cuisine is made with a contemporary edge. It has Asian Influence, in particular Japanese, but also a bit oriental, as Jean-Edern used to work in Emirates. The menu is very innovative and with a choice that will satisfy even a sophisticated foodie. They have both, A la carte and Menu Découverte options available.

Le Floris by Jean-Edern Hurstel

What we tried at Le Floris by Jean-Edern Hurstel


Croustillants de thon (Crispy tuna)

Tacos de saumon (Salmon tacos)

Langoustines croustillantes (Crispy langoustines)

Main Course:

Tartare de bœuf, frites fraîches de Madame Vuagnat ( Beef tartare with Madame Vaugnat fries)

Tartare Terre Mer et homard bleu ( Seafood and blue lobster tartare )


Le cigare au chocolat, glace chocolat, grué de cacao (Chocolate cigar, chocolate ice cream, cocoa nibs)

Baba au rhum, crème vanille (Baba au rhum with vanilla cream)

Le Floris by Jean-Edern Hurstel

Everything was so delicious: starters were perfect for sharing, quite small but delightful. We both tried tartares for main course and they were very well done. However there are other delicious meals, like pastas or burgers. We finished meal with a dessert that really left us so satisfied, especially Baba au rhum, that was best I had in my life.

III. Jean-Edern Hurstel

Le Floris by Jean-Edern Hurstel

Few words about Jean- Edern. He is a very energetic chef and successful TV personality. He took part in Top Chef (season 5) and was working alongside biggest chefs in French haute cuisine, like Haeberlin family, Alain Senderens, Alain Ducasse (Monaco) and Alain Passard. He has also gained international experience in places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. He participated in opening of Peninsula in Paris in 2014 and in 2018 has launched his own restaurant: Edern in Paris.

I had a pleasure to meet him and he is a lovely man, full of energy and passion for what he is doing.

IV. Facts

Le Floris by Jean-Edern Hurstel is nicely decorated with paintings of Swiss street artist Być, that I admire since many years. His name means « être » in French or « to be » in English. As an art historian, art in commercial places always brings my attention and in this case I was positively impressed.

Le Floris by Jean-Edern Hurstel also has partnership with Hublot and hosts their events there, haute cuisine and luxury watchmaker brand is a nice combination. Bravo.

Last but not least, there is a big statue of blue Gorilla by Richard Orlinski, so obviously they want their contemporary place feature modern art and has interesting partnerships.

Le Floris by Jean-Edern Hurstel , Richard Orlinski, Hublot and Byc

IV. My Look

I had lots of question about this look on my Instagram and I decided to include a full description here.

I was wearing:

Le Floris by Jean-Edern Hurstel- Geneva's Number 1 Breathtaking Lakefront Restaurant 24
Le Floris by Jean-Edern Hurstel- Geneva's Number 1 Breathtaking Lakefront Restaurant 26

Cropped blazers are definitely a big trend for Summer 2021, same as everything in pistachio color. It looks wonderful on sun-kissed skin, that I still have to work on 😉

Please let me know below if you have been to Le Floris by Jean-Edern Hurstel or if you would like to come and try his exquisite cuisine.

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Contact Details :

Le Floris by Floris by Jean-Edern Hurstel 

Route d’Hermance 287

1247 Anières

022 751 20 20



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