Beginner’s Guide to Sustainable Fashion

Part I.

My dear readers I decided to start a series of articles about sustainable fashion. It will be a bigger’s guide, where I will share with you my knowledge and some tips.

As you know I am passionate about fashion since I was a child, but I discovered a sustainability concept and dived into it, when I was setting up my fashion brand Désirée Fashion back in 2014. Ever since then I try to make conscious decisions when I buy clothes and I incorporated many changes in my buying habits. I am currently also taking a Sustainable Fashion Course and writing articles for a Brand Mooksmagazine, that is a digital magazine focused on luxury and circular economy.


In this short articles I will share my best tip for a Sustainable wardrobe for beginners.

Izabela’s sustainable wardrobe fashion tips:

  • Buy timeless pieces
  • Buy versatile
  • Buy less
  • Quality vs Quantity
  • Treat your clothes with love so they last longer
  • Become part of 2nd hand cycle, buy and sell
  • Rent clothing
  • Give new life to an old pieces
  • Shift from fast fashion to slow fashion
  • Buy from sustainable brands that care about people and environment.

I am wearing Vintage Pieces from Luxury Consignment Downtown Uptown Gèneve

Chanel Vintage Jacket

Valentino Skirt

Yves Saint Laurent Handbag


By buying and selling via luxury consignments you are giving clothes 2nd life and it’s also much more affordable way of owning designer pieces.


I am wearing Vintage Pieces from Luxury Consignment Downtown Uptown Gèneve

Gucci Dionysus super Mini Bag

Ferragamo ballerinas

Elisa Palomino silk dress


I am wearing Vintage Pieces from Luxury Consignment Downtown Uptown Gèneve

Dress Collette Dinnigan

Clutch: Alexander McQueen knuckleduster clutch in purple oil-spill patent leather with skulls & crystals.

Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

I am wearing Vintage Pieces from Luxury Consignment Downtown Uptown Gèneve

Dolce & Gabbana shirt in beige silk with frill trim.

Valentino flower print light-blue silk pants.

Malone Marion shoes.

Loewe vintage shoulder bag in beige leather.

Chanel sunglasses in bronze with wire frames.


Pictures comes from the campaign by Style Studio for Downtown Uptown Gèneve for their Aeschbach pop-up boutique.

Pictures were taken in Geneva by the lake and at Fairmont Grand Hotel Geneva. Thank you for letting us use your space.

As always


Bella xx

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