Unique Show – 1st Edition of High Jewelery Luxury Event in Lugano.

The Unique Show, the high jewellery and collectable watches exclusive event debuted in Lugano in November 2023.

The Unique Show.

The Unique Show made an indelible mark on the high jewellery and collectable timepiece landscape with the triumphant debut of its innovative format, Luxury Lugano held at Casinò Lugano on Saturday, 18th November. Committed to the pinnacle of artistry in high jewellery and collectable timepieces, The Unique Show events are grand celebrations featuring only top-tier brands and designers. Primarily open to the public by invitation, the events curate a distinguished list of exhibitors based on their unique values, design, and impeccable materials.

Unique Show - 1st Edition of High Jewelery Luxury Event in Lugano. 4

Luxury Lugano opened with the ribbon cutting ceremony with the presence of the Deputy Mayor of Lugano city, Honorable Badaracco, the founder Dalila Daffara and the Representatives of the exhibiting companies, partners and sponsors. Breaking the expectation of 300 guests, the event drew almost 600 passionates and collectors who were delighted by an extraordinary display of the world’s most exceptional jewellery and watches, carefully chosen by the event curators.

As an integral part of Luxury Lugano, selected exhibitors from around the globe unveiled their extraordinary collections of unique pieces.

Brands that took place the the Unique Show in Lugano.

Hailing from Australia, Autore Pearls, among the world’s top players of South Sea Pearls, with over three decades of industry expertise, impressed with their extraordinary pearl collection, showcasing the results of their innovative challenge to traditional concepts of pearl design. They pushed the boundaries with pioneering approaches that captivated and astonished.

Unique Show - 1st Edition of High Jewelery Luxury Event in Lugano.

Aariya Diamonds, a UK-based brand specialising in bespoke creations, showcased the new dazzling collection with ethically sourced diamonds, reflecting their commitment to celebrating the most cherished moments with both elegance and conscientious sourcing.

Unique Show - 1st Edition of High Jewelery Luxury Event in Lugano.

The American-based brand Ippolita unveiled its vibrant ready-to-wear collections, drawing inspiration from the founder’s passion for sculpture and her Florentine upbringing. The collections are crafted to adorn women every day, bringing a touch of glamour to daily life.

Unique Show - 1st Edition of High Jewelery Luxury Event in Lugano.

The internationally recognized designer Alexander Laut, from Portugal, displayed a stunning array of unique pieces set with exclusively natural precious gemstones, among them the distinctive cocktail rings known for their striking beauty and the iconic strawberry pendant necklace.

Unique Show - 1st Edition of High Jewelery Luxury Event in Lugano.

Gismondi 1754, the Italian brand, renowned for exceptional craftsmanship, recently acquired two historic Valenza laboratories, enriching a heritage of excellence that has been handed down for seven generations and expanding globally.

Unique Show - 1st Edition of High Jewelery Luxury Event in Lugano.

During Luxury Lugano they showcased diamond and gem masterpieces including the Vela necklace, designed by the CEO Massimo Gismondi who aimed to enclose in it a message of “indissoluble union”. The necklace was inspired by a “carabiner” used on sailboats to tie ropes and it is essential to sailing the seas of life.

The talented Italian designer Eleonora Federici showcased her award-winning creations, honoured with prestigious accolades at the international level, including the Muse Design Award, NY Product Design Award, and A’ Design Award. Her pieces seamlessly marry her profound passion, unparalleled craftsmanship, and innate elegance, giving rise to exceptional jewels.

Unique Show - 1st Edition of High Jewelery Luxury Event in Lugano.

From the age-old tradition, the inspiration of the Micromosaic Masters emerges and finds its artistic expression with Sicis Jewels, recognized for its fine craftsmanship in micro-mosaic, the synergy brings together heritage and innovation. The one-of-a-kind collectable watches and jewels presented, are entirely handmade, where unexpected cultural and creative journeys unfold as goldsmiths intersect with the Micromosaic Masters, transforming each piece into a unique masterpiece.

Unique Show - 1st Edition of High Jewelery Luxury Event in Lugano.

Lugano’s excellence has been embodied by Scavia, a century-old brand renowned for crafting exceptional jewels under the creative direction of Fulvio Maria and Alessandro Scavia – recently in the spotlight for the presentation of “Il secolo d’oro di Scavia. Una bellezza che incanta” at Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi in Milan. Scavia showcased some of their outstanding pieces featuring gems among the most beautiful in the world and of an unmistakable personality style.

The Founder of The Unique Show – Dalila Daffara.

Unique Show - 1st Edition of High Jewelery Luxury Event in Lugano.

The Founder of The Unique Show, Dalila Daffara, expressed her excitement, stating:

“We are thrilled to have brought together the most exquisite high jewellery and collectable watches, celebrating the excellence that defines our industry.
We carefully selected exhibitors to captivate collectors and connoisseurs who recognize and appreciate the exceptional. Luxury Lugano’s debuting event was a resounding success with double the expected guests, and we are proud to have created a platform that cherishes the exceptional artistry and craftsmanship of Brands and Designers. As a committed high jewellery specialist with an enduring passion, this achievement represents the culmination of years of deliberate contemplation and extensive experience in communication, public relations, and the organization of tailored events for individual jewellery firms. Our esteemed partners, media partners and sponsors, comprised of distinguished and prestigious companies, wholeheartedly embraced this format, contributing a remarkable added value that authentically set us apart. We are now looking forward to the imminent gatherings in St. Moritz in February and Como in May. We are eager to return to Lugano in November 2024. Our plan includes an expanded roster of selected exhibitors and additional activities to immerse this wonderful city—an essential hub where art thrives and resonates globally.”

Sponsors and Partners.

During Luxury Lugano, Guests had the exclusive opportunity to explore and acquire these creations while indulging in an exquisite evening highlighted by the finest Champagne from the sponsor Champagne Barons de Rothschild, complemented by gourmet canapés curated by Chef Raffaele Russo and the enchanting backdrop of live music with violin performance, the evening unfolded as a truly extraordinary experience.

Unique Show - 1st Edition of High Jewelery Luxury Event in Lugano.

Casinò Lugano added to the allure by offering guests free gambling credits to fully immerse themselves in the fancy atmosphere of the location. The event also featured a live photography session with luxury furs by the international fashion brand Helen Yarmak, one of the event sponsors, involving influencers and some of the Guests.

Unique Show - 1st Edition of High Jewelery Luxury Event in Lugano.
From Left Bella Zofia, Slavia Karlen and Blingsis- wearing Helen Yarmak.

The world premiere auction house Sotheby’s with their Luxury Department hosted a special valuation day with the honourable presence of the Head of the Jewelry Department of Italy, Sara Miconi who catalogued many magnificent jewellery collections in her career, such as the jewels formerly belonging to the famous opera singer, Renata Tebaldi and to Countess Voronoff.

Unique Show - 1st Edition of High Jewelery Luxury Event in Lugano.

The prestigious media partners, including Celebre Magazine World, Luxury Investment Magazine, Rinascimento Magazine founded by Massimo Basile, the Instagram page Journal des Bijoux founded by Laura Astrologo Porché, and Arte&Lusso, have amplified the reach of The Unique Show events and reflect the high positioning of the initiative.

The Unique Show attracted the attention of renowned journalists and international influencers among them Champagne Gem, Blingsis, Bella Zofia, Slavia Karlen, and Giorgio Giangiulio who support the whole project.

Next Edition of The Unique Show.

Luxury Lugano’s resounding success underscores The Unique Show’s commitment to unveiling the stories of uniqueness woven into every one-of-a-kind piece, ensuring the brilliance of these timeless creations resonates through the ages. The next appointment signed The Unique Show is the three-day event Luxury St. Moritz in February, from Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th, hosted in the sumptuous Grand Hotel des Bains Kempinski – on the same dates of The ICE St. Moritz, the prestigious concourse of luxury cars competing on the frozen lake. Luxury St Moritz will present top Brands and Designers of high jewellery coming from all over the world accompanied by champagne and live entertainment in the magical atmosphere of the iconic 1864 building that exemplifies the pinnacle of refined European luxury. It promises to be a truly immersive journey into the realms of uniqueness and exceptionalism, where every moment is destined to become an indelible memory.

My Photos from the Event.

Unique Show - 1st Edition of High Jewelery Luxury Event in Lugano. 17

Please let me know in the comment if you would like to come to the next edition of The Unique Show in St. Moritz. I will be there and I can’t wait to discover more beautiful pieces selected by Dalila and her team.

I would like to thank to Dalila and her team for taking me as part of the project.

As always with love

Bella Zofia, Your Swiss Luxury and Fashion Scene Insider.

Unique Show - 1st Edition of High Jewelery Luxury Event in Lugano.

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