The Stunning Pinko Milano SS24 Collection. My edgy look for this Spring.

Pinko SS24 Collection.

Pinko is known for their ability to blend elegance with a hint of rebellious spirit, Pinko’s SS24 lineup promises to delight fashion enthusiasts with its bold designs and contemporary flair. It’s a brand that always proposes us most fashionable designs, from casual looks to evening dresses. From high-quality fabrics to innovative cuts. Of course, all of it has this effortless Italian touch that adds sexiness to garments. Let’s discover together this gorgeous collection.

The Stunning Pinko Milano SS24 Collection. My edgy look for this Spring.
The Stunning Pinko Milano SS24 Collection. My edgy look for this Spring.

Pinko SS24 Color Palette.

Pinko’s SS24 collection takes inspiration from the vibrant hues of summer, infusing the runway with a kaleidoscope of colours. From soft pastels ( especially light pink) to vivid neons, the colour palette reflects the joyful energy of the season. However, we can find a lot of classic colours, like white, beige black and denim.

My Look from Pinko.

When I came to choose my outfit from the latest Pinko Collection I hesitated between classic colours and cuts and more casual and sexy looks. Eventually, I chose this DOUBLE-BREASTED BLAZER WITH RHINESTONED LAPELS. This style, including shiny materials and metallics, is one of the biggest trends for this season. Metallics are adding to the styles some light and futuristic edge and they are now a great choice for all-day wear. SS 24 we can wear metallics also during the day, just mix it with some plain and classical garments, but don’t be afraid to go bold. In this case, I mixed the redefined suit trend with the shine. This blazer has matching trousers TROUSERS WITH RHINESTONE BAND, with gems on the sides of fitted, elegant trousers. To complete the look I was wearing a SLEEVELESS STRETCH SATIN TOP in a snow white colour and something iconic for the brand, which is a love bag. I chose a MINI LOVE BAG CLICK CHEVRON COLOUR BLOCK. In this case Pinko logo is black and the whole handbag looks very elegant and matches matching well already shiny look.

Key Trends.

This season, Pinko embraces a fusion of contrasting elements, seamlessly blending edgy details with timeless elegance. Statement-making accessories like their famous handbags, or metallic swimwear. Meanwhile, bold patterns such as animal prints and geometric motifs inject a sense of dynamism into the collection, reflecting Pinko’s rebellious spirit. You can find many see-through items, wide-legged trousers, shorts and mini-skirts.

Metallics offer endless style opportunities and a modern, sophisticated glamour look and we can see a lot of them here.

Versatility and Wearability.

One of the hallmarks of Pinko’s SS24 collection is its versatility. Whether you’re strolling along the sun-drenched streets of a coastal town or attending a glamorous rooftop soirée, there’s a Pinko piece to suit every occasion. Mix and match separates for endless styling possibilities, or opt for a head-to-toe look that commands attention wherever you go. We can’t also forget that Pinko offers some soiré, occasion wear or even swimwear.

The Stunning Pinko Milano SS24 Collection. My edgy look for this Spring.
A day in the Museum. My Look from Pinko Milano from SS24 Collection.

Face of Pinko SS24 campaign is MARIACARLA BOSCONO.

There’s a phone ringing. It’s like the call is coming straight from the ’90s… You have to answer it. The PINKO Spring/Summer 2024 Campaign celebrates glamour in its purest, most iconic and most recognisable form: the glamour of the wild 1990s, a decade that shaped fashion as we know it, even today.

A pure white background, designer chairs and space just for her, the unique Mariacarla Boscono. Born in Italy and raised all over the world, Mariacarla is one of the quintessential fashion icons of a period that inspires us all, photographed here by Pablo Di Prima as the embodiment of a PINKO lady: confident, enterprising, sexy and irresistible.

Final Thoughts.

With its SS24 collection, Pinko reaffirms its status as a trailblazer in the world of fashion, captivating audiences with its bold designs and unwavering commitment to creativity. From the vibrant colour palette to the innovative silhouettes, every aspect of the collection reflects Pinko’s unique vision and passion for pushing boundaries. Embrace the spirit of summer with Pinko’s SS24 collection and make a stylish statement that is both daring and sophisticated. Of course with an Italian twist.

The Stunning Pinko Milano SS24 Collection. My edgy look for this Spring.

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All collections are available online or at Pinko Zurich.

Special thank you to the Pinko Zurich Team for styling me.

Photos by Anna Zulian

Location: MAH

By Izabela Zofia Switon-Kulinska. Geneva-based blogger, journalist and model.

IG @bellazofia.official

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