Breakfast at Metropole Hotel

It was a rainy mid-February morning, when a team of unique, talented and driven women met in at a very inspiring Hôtel Métropole, in a heart of Geneva.

We met to create a collaboration between different talents in order to highlight beauty, sustainable fashion and timeless pieces of jewelry. This environment created by women was captured by a friend photographer Tomek Gola.

But what is Brand Mooks?

BM is a mook (magazine and a book) dedicated to people in love with new trends, circular economy, sustainable fashion and lifestyle. It’s all about luxe, about people who want to make a difference, who believe in high quality not fast-fashion.

The idea of this photo shoot was created when I met Tomek for the first time over a glass of rosé. We wanted to capture a classical beauty, fashion and jewelry and staged it at a luxury Geneva hotel. I couldn’t think about a better hotel than Métropole, For me this hotel has one of the best location, but also it is the only 5* hotel in Geneva led by a woman. After speaking with Réjane we decided to have a theme/ inspiration from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and icon that we both love: Audrey Hepburn.

Please see below an intro to the Breafast at Metropole editorial, writen by Réjane Salaün, editor-in-chief.


For the fashion brands our choice was very original Mme. Mink and very classy with beautiful details Birgitte Herskind.

When it comes to jewelry, we invited 2 of my favorite brands: Bucherer and Mediam Suisse. They both not only create timeless pieces, but they have the most wonderful people working for the brands. Thank you Justine from Bucherer and Alexander and Ariane from Mediam Suisse.

To add cherry on the top we have invited ladies from Pamé, who created beautiful flower compositions. Hair styles was designed by creative and full of energy Ynes from Hairmania.

Make-up was created by my dear friend Ellie from Ellie’s makeup.

And here are results of our work. I hope that you will like them and they will inspire you.


Not published photos:



Bella Zofia xoxo

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