Aston Martin DBX SUV- A modern masterpiece and a number 1 car for women

A James Bond’s car created with the woman in mind.

Aston Martin, the iconic brand associated with James Bond 007 movies has just launched its first luxury SUV car DBX model, which is also targeting women drivers (currently women are only 10% of clients). The brand would like to open to the markets like China, the Middle East and the USA by offering luxury, yet practical, everyday, family car experience, still aligned with the brand philosophy.

The company with over 100 years old tradition used an all-female advisory body to help design this model. They focused on features like greater legroom and a smaller reach to the controls so it is easier accessible for women. They have also created a line of pet accessories and nice luggage, so the car could be perfect for family trips.

Aston Martin DBX SUV- A modern masterpiece and a number 1 car for women

About the car ( design and specifications)

This model is the first car made in Aston Martin new production facility in St. Athan in Wales and this is where tests took place. Although it’s an SUV the design is made to appear like a traditional Aston Martin shape. Mainly thanks to wheels that are stretched and positioned in the corners of the car. Roof-line is creating the illusion of a smaller car, but when you are inside you will feel how large it is. The car features swan-hinged doors and the largest grill that was fitted in an Aston Martin car so far.

The DBX uses Mercedes AMG’s M177 4.0-litre V8 engine, with the power of 550 PS (542 hp) Accelerating 0–100 km/h (0–62 mph) in 4.5 seconds, and a maximum speed of 292 km/h. It has a 9-speed automatic gearbox. DBX comes with five driving modes: a default GT, Terrain, Terrain Plus, Sport, Sport Plus.

As with all Aston Martin’s cars you can expect a luxurious interior, they have used the finest materials and the best quality craftsmanship. The Interior is also very much personalized to the taste of the owner.

Aston Martin DBX SUV- A modern masterpiece and a number 1 car for women 2

My experience with Aston Martin DBX

Not many of my readers actually know that I am a huge automotive fan and I have visited all Geneva International Motor Show in the past and participated in races as a co-pilot and was also testing KTM X-Bow car on mountain roads in Andalusia Spain. So when I heard that I can test the new Aston Martin DBX model I was over the moon, not to mention that I am a huge James Bond fan too.

I picked up the car from Aston Martin Geneva / Pegasus Automotive Group SA. in Nyon, where I was briefed about the car, all functions and met with the brand manager of Aston Martin, Mr Lionel Dauphin, I had a short drive with him and then I felt already confident to head back to Geneva. I must tell you that at first, I felt a bit uncomfortable, because of the size, I thought the car will be difficult to navigate, but when I started to drive, I realized that it’s very intuitive to drive, smooth and I didn’t feel its size at all. It has amazing sound and I could feel the V8 engine perfectly. I loved the glass roof and its wonderful panoramic view. It is one of the largest SUVs ever built with a long wheelbase, it has very generous rear-seat legroom and headroom, it’s so spacious and comfortable and it’s one of those cars that it’s fabulous to be both the drive and the passenger too. My 3 years old son was over the moon sitting back giggling every time I touched the gas pedal, he still speaks about the James Bond car almost every day.

My test car was in dark blue colour and had leather everywhere on the inside ( including the steering wheel) in All Sahara Tan colour, which is my favourite colour for the car interiors. Leather was soft, rich and smelled so good 😉

When it comes to driving I mostly used Grand Touring mode, it was smooth like a breeze. It was easy to turn, the engine wasn’t too aggressive and it wasn’t also too loud inside the perfect balance.

However my favorite mode was DBX’s Sport and Sport+, while using them I knew that it isn’t just a simple SUV, it’s an Aston Martin, a luxury sports car. It was fast, loud and I had butterflies in my belly while using that mode. I just only regretted that I couldn’t test it on the race track.


Another aspect that I love are accessories that can be purchased, like ski boots and ski bag or luggage. I find it very useful, especially in Switzerland, where most of us ski a lot. However, my heart was drawn to all pet designed items. As the owner of a Yorkie miniature, I love to make sure that he is comfortable in the car. I am sure that other pet lovers will also appreciate that special touch coming from Aston Martin and their family-oriented idea for DBX.

Aston Martin DBX car in Geneva.  Aston Martin DBX SUV- A modern masterpiece and a number 1 car for women

Photshoot in Lavaux with DBX

I planned to take content pictures and short videos in the Lavaux UNESCO vineyards region, which is around 100 km from Geneva. I loved the drive on the motorway but unfortunately, I wasn’t lucky with the weather, it was the only day with huge gusts of wind and milky fog all over. However, I still hope that you will like the content below created on that day.

Izabela Switon-Kulinska @bella_zofia is sitting in Aston Martin DBX car in Geneva. Aston Martin DBX SUV- A modern masterpiece and a number 1 car for women

4. Interesting facts

Aston Martin DBX has become an official Formula One medical car, alongside Mercedes C63S AMG Estate Medical Car. The DBX Medical Car has a British Racing Green livery with neon yellow accents. It will also join the Aston Martin Vantage as a Formula One‘s safety fleet, so you can rest assured that this car is pretty fast and representative.

5. Conclusion

What can I say, I fell in love with this car and I shed a tear when I had to drive it back to the salon. It’s a beautiful masterpiece, making me feel excited every time I went in the Sport mode, the same time feeling comfortable and relaxed driving it with my son in GT mode. This car is full of character, the drive is such a pleasure. It’s comfortable and gives the ultimate luxury experience.

I just wish I could test it in the feature on the race track, as the speed limit in Switzerland (120 km ph) leaves a lot to my imagination.

6. Thank you note

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I would like to thank Aston Martin Geneva / Pegasus Automotive Group SA. in Nyon for trusting me with this gorgeous car and a lovely welcome. To PR & co agency and to my photo/ video team. Video by Anton from Shootit, photos by Allan Corvaisier and make-up by Ellie Avramidou.

As always,

With love

Bella Zofia xx

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Aston Martin DBX SUV- A modern masterpiece and a number 1 car for women 40
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