The Rose Petal Beauty Edit Winter 22/23 Edition. 15 powerful Rose-Infused must-have products. Nuxe, By Terry, Dior, Sisley and more.

It’s official in 2023 Rose has its moment in the beauty industry. This wonderful flower is most women’s favourite when it comes to bouquets and potpourri. But we don’t usually associate it with the beauty industry. However rose-infused products have a powerful effect on our beauty. It not only gives a more relaxing, seducing and delicious scent but it rose beauty products care for our skin. Rose is often incorporated into luxe facial elixirs, creams and even makeup. Rose oil is one of the most loved products used by Princess Kate and many celebrities’ makeup artists and dermatologists. So why not give it a go and find out which products are a must-try?

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