EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR A LUXURY PICNIC WITH FRIENDS in 2022. Romantic Setting, Stylish clothing, delicious food and Instagram-worthy aesthetic.

Luxury Picnic – what does it actually mean? It’s al fresco dining with a partner, friends, family etc, but with beautiful details and delicious food. To call a picnic luxury there is more preparation involved, details that I thought out, beautiful setting, food, decoration details and also time. What I mean by this is that time nowadays is a luxury so to fully create this luxury atmosphere it has to be savour and eaten slowly, enjoyed and not rushed. I would also associate this with words like stylish, chic, romantic, and relaxing. Is there anything more pleasant or romantic than an impromptu al fresco dining with people you love? Creating this beautiful atmosphere can be a beautiful activity that your loved ones will appreciate. You can throw that blanket down or order a company that will set up everything for you. Lush green grass, sandy beach, delicious food, a bottle of bubbly. Laughter, the board games, chatting, reading, sun on the face and birds singing in the background. Is it all a luxury? There are some characteristics of the ideal luxury picnic and I will explain them all to you in my short article. Without further ado let’s dive in.

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