Shine, shine like a Diamond

Astarté Creations – upcoming Swiss jewelry brand you should get to know

My friends we live in a challenging time, right? As a self-employed mompreneur I realize how important it is to support each other and through past year I always supported small local brands when possible. That is why today I will introduce to you A Swiss Jewelry brand that started in 2020 in the middle of a global pandemic. This brand is called Astarté Creations and is based in Swiss Mountains region of Neuchâtel.

Shine, shine like a Diamond 2
Photo Credits: Yvonne Aeberhard Stutz

What is Astarté?

This name comes from the Phoenician and Egyptian goddess of love and beauty, “mistress of battles”, later linked with fertility and heart. As you can see this goddess was extremely feminine and was an Egyptian version of Aphrodite.

Astarté jewels are inspired by this goddess, they are little treasures made in modern world with a bit of mythology and sensuality.

Best Swiss Craftsmanship

All jewelry designs are made and manufactured in canton of Neuchâtel by experienced, local team of designers, manufacturers, goldsmiths and partners. All pieces are timeless and matching high standards of the manufacture. They are also classy or more extravagant, but still elegant and delicate in forms. Creations are particularly attractive due to the timelessness of the gold pieces, the finesse of their design and attention to the details.

Bella’s favorite pieces.

Fleur d’Astarté

When I was choosing my pieces I straight away fell in love with Fleur d’Astarté in 18 carat pink gold collection.

This flower is connected to Astarté goddess, it’s sublime, delicate like her. In the center of each flower there is a beautiful diamond. This set is made of 18-carat pink gold and 4 diamonds. There is also a yellow gold and white version of this set. You can also buy each pieces separately.

Shine, shine like a Diamond 3


My second choice was a Diamond Hashtag Necklace.

This collection is very Instagramable I would say, we all use hashtags and they are part of our daily life. However the Astarté Hashtag is different, it’s round, features 7 diamonds and is made of 18 k pink gold. It’s a floating necklace, more of a statement piece. I love the round shape of the pendant and how glittering are the diamonds.

Shine, shine like a Diamond 10
Photo Credits: Yvonne Aeberhard Stutz
Shine, shine like a Diamond 11
Photo Credits: Astarté Website

Astarté for Men.

Astarté Creations didn’t forget about men and added few pieces into that line. Men can now choose from Hashtag Ring and a Watch.

Shine, shine like a Diamond 12
Photo Credits: Astarté Website

I hope you like Astarté Collection as much as I do. Please let me know in the comment which piece is your favorite.

As always,

With love

Bella Zofia xx

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