Residence 2 Pini Anacapri. Number 1 residence to stay in a dreamy Capri island.

Residence 2 Pini Anacapri is the ideal oasis to enjoy sunny days in Capri. It is located on the other side of the Capri island… a very charming Anacapri. This area of the island is a must-visit place. It’s a dream place with a soul and most beautiful streets, buildings and views. It’s a bit calmer that Capri itself and more relaxed. Ideal for a getaway to this iconic island. Residence 2 Pini is a place deeply rooted in the island hospitality scene. Their history starts with Giuseppe Ferraro who owned a pasticceria in the Piazza Vittoria, later renamed to Bar Due Pini. In 1999 his Swiss wife Elisabeth and daughter Gulia transformed the old vineyards to to the Residence. Today the place is run by their grandchildren Guido and Augusto. To find out more please read further my article about the experience at Residence 2 Pini Anacapri with my lovely friend Anna.

How to get to Residence 2 Pini Anacapri

Residence 2 Pini Anacapri. Number 1 hotel for best Capri experience

To get around Capri might be confusing at first, but after a little bit of adjusting it seems easy. What you need to know before arriving that there are some areas dedicated only for pedestrians. You can’t rent a car in Capri and you need to consider buses, taxi or scooters to move around the island. First we arrived to Marina Grande from Napels with a large ferry. Then we had to get to Anacapri and to get there there are 3 options:

  • Public Buses (It is the economical option. However you must know that Capri buses are small, so you need to wait in a line to get in. At some point there might not be any place and you need to wait for a 2nd one).
  • Taxi– You need to wait in a line at special Taxi stops. They are not cheap, but still in a reasonable prices
  • Transfer– to hotels. Luckily 2 Pini Capri arranged a transfer to Anacapri and then we had to walk around 5 min to the hotel.

Ambiance at Residence 2 Pini Anacapri

Residence 2 Pini Anacapri. Number 1 residence to stay in a dreamy Capri island. 7

This residence is very private and secure. It has a gate, so only guests can access the place. I liked it a lot, because it made me feel very safe and relaxed. When I entered to the residence I saw a little, beautiful oasis. There were many flowers, plants, trees and grass. A little paradise, ideal for romantic souls and nature lovers. There were gorgeous roses, carefully trimmed and lemon trees. Lemon Trees are so common in Capri, it’s like a signature of this place. Residence 2 Pini Anacapri clearly supports this idea. Real Capri lemons are so large and a bit different to what we can see in supermarkets. In the garden area there are also sun beds and a jacuzzi. It’s easy to enjoy the afternoon here and just soak the Capri sun.

Ambiance was also so wonderful thanks to the staff. Owners of the hotel and their team are so helpful, attentive and friendly. Instantly we felt welcomed and at home. It’s one of these places where you can be yourself and enjoy the place.


Inside residence there is still very stylish yet old-fashioned vibe with beautiful details and scents. Rooms are spacious, comfortable and full of storage spaces. I also loved some small details, like beds covers, curtains, they were very aesthetic. We stayed in a Deluxe apartment, that was around 23 sqm. We had a living room with kitchenette, bedroom, bathroom and a terrace. There was a kettle, plates, glasses, so ideal for a small afternoon tea break or coffee on a balcony.

Residence 2 Pini Anacapri. Number 1 hotel for best Capri experience

Our room had a lot of beautiful scents around. There were toiletries by famous local brand Cartusia. There was even a mini perfume, with a lovely lemon scent that we could take with us. So thoughtful. It was truly luxurious touch and beauty lovers like me will surely appreciate it.


Residence 2 Pini Anacapri. Number 1 hotel for best Capri experience

I love to start a day with a nice breakfast and if possible I like to have it in the room or on the balcony. I was happy to hear that it’s possible at Residence 2 Pini Anacapri. First morning we enjoyed breakfast on the terrace with a beautiful view. It was a true La Dolce Vita moment. Delicious fresh orange juice and Neapolitan cappuccino made me happy. Regarding food we tried what is typical to Campania region… muffins. We could choose from different fruits flavors. We even received fresh roses from the garden as a decoration on the table. It was beautiful.

Residence 2 Pini Anacapri. Number 1 hotel for best Capri experience

Next morning’s we decided to eat at a bar, where guests can have breakfast. It’s only 1 min walk from the hotel, at Bar Columbus that is also a family owned place. There is a lovely area on the 1st floor with beautiful decorations and views. Very Bacchus style, full of green leaves and lemons around. Very charming for a breakfast, but also for other meals.


Regarding the food, Residence 2 Pini Anacapri doesn’t have a restaurant onsite, but offers a discount at the family restaurant Duo Pini. This restaurant is one of the best in Anacapri and is only 2 min away from the residence. We have had a lovely al fresco dinner over there. Fresh sea food and fish was highly recommended and we truly enjoyed it.


Residence 2 Pini Anacapri is a lovely place for guests who would like to stay in Anacapri area. I also think it’s ideal for:

  • More economical holidays, night for 2 people in a room starts with 180 Euro, there are also apartments and superior apartments, but they costs more. Prices in a high season are also different, yet reasonable and more affordable than other hotels.
  • For family holidays– As it’s possible to stay in an apartment with a kitchenette, it’s very convenient for families, especially with little children. It’s a private area, so children can run in the garden safely.
  • Solo travelers- People who would like to visit all important places in the island and they prefer to be closer to the nature.
  • People who value privacy and peace. Prefer to stay in a smaller, family-owned hotel.

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Residence 2 Pini Anacapri. Number 1 hotel for best Capri experience

Useful Information

Residence 2 Pini Anacapri


Via Caposcuro, 3 – 80071 Anacapri (NA) – Italy

Telephone: +39 081 837 14 04

E-Mail [email protected]


Discount Code: BELLA_CAPRI

This code will give you 10% off while booking directly on Residence 2 Pini website.


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