My favourite fashion shows during MFW

MFW as always has been full of amazing show and excitement. Please read below my insights from favorite fashion shows.

Ermanno Scervino

It was the 2nd show of this Italian brand that I saw this year during MFW. In both cases song for finale was the same: “If everybody in the world loved everybody in the world, what a glorious world this could be.” I love this song by now and had this song playing in my head for the rest of a day. As always Ermanno Screvino fashion show was like a theater, where I can admire the best Italian craftsmanship. My favorite pieces from SS20 collection were feathery-bottomed confection for the evening, strappy dresses in yellow, pink and animal prints, suits and as in FW19 collection: leather dresses. I read on the ES’s website that this collection is a celebration of feminine beauty and I couldn’t agree more.

My favourite fashion shows during MFW 1

Beatrice .b

On 21st of September we had the pleasure to see SS20 collection byBeatrice .b Italia. Fashion line led by Paolo Mason and Morena Bragagnolo. This fashion show took place at the famous via Clerici in Circolo Filologico Milanese that is a cultural institution in a building from 19th century. The Beatrice .b brand was a beautiful discovery for me, because it is sustainable, they produce their gourmets in Italy and they value people’s work and craftsmanship. The brand has 30 years of tradition and combines Italian know-how with cutting-edge style. It’s a wardrobe for contemporary women, confident, successful and who are not afraid to try something new and to influence the crowd. Brand is already recognizable abroad: in the US, Middle East, Russia, Europe and Balkans.

The SS20 collection that Beatrice .b presented during the Fashion Week was taking us to ’70s aesthetic, with geometrical shapes and chromatic colour palette. We could see solid shapes contrasted with fluid and moving elements. Cropped suits were simple while long dresses were adding movement to the shapes. I particularity adored the white hats with untied bows falling down, as it looked romantic and fresh. We could see day wear collection, swimwear capsule, hats, suits and it all was bringing us from city chic to the seaside elegance.


Photo: Krystel Schupbach, Amata Art


Emerging Talents Milan

On 21st of September Milan Fashion Week presented Emerging Talents SS20 collections. The idea of this show was to showcase young designers, who are innovative, yet elegant, but also that their collections would match the beautiful interior of Palazzo Visonti. This prestigious address was a perfect venue for MFW experience. It’s one of the most beautiful example of Rococo Milanese and dates back to the 17th century. Heritage-infused ballrooms halls, all covered in eighteenth-century frescoes by Nicola Bertuzzi.


Photo: Krystel Schupbach, Amata Art

I particularity enjoyed fashion show of Gianluca Alibrando. Fashion and music are this creators passions and it shows in his collection. Neoclassical inspiration and sophisticated details looked beautiful in the palazzo’s interiors. This designer uses silk, feathers, colours, like: white, red and rose and it’s all like a tribute to eternal feminine energy and beauty.


Photo: Krystel Schupbach, Amata Art

Second designer of this fashion show was Rendà, who presented beautiful handmade lace pieces, such as renaissance lace, bilro, richelieu embroidery and labyrinth. All dresses looks like work of art, luxury and simple the same time. This brand keeps the Brazilian tradition of lace seamstresses alive which is very sustainable and empowering for local women who work with this brand.


Photo: Krystel Schupbach, Amata Art


This brand took us on an exotic journey to Havana. Before the fashion show started we already had this lyric on our seats and fans ready, we anticipated to see something very different and exotic.

Cuentos de Havana

Sunshine beaming golden heat           Heart-quickening collision of rhythms and color Havana, I stand on your soil…

Everything in this fashion show was vibrating, vibrating with colours, cuts, materials. This Italian brand During Milan Fashion Week presented collection with lots of straw hats (my crush, always) in different shapes, short and long dresses, short trousers and crop tops. Color palette used by Anteprima was mostly: beige, bronze and cream, with some colors added. Everything form parts of a harmonious and beautiful collection that makes me dream about Cuba and want to discover it together with Anteprima.






With love

Bella xx

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