Modern luxury for world travelers at the new CitizenM hotel in Geneva.

Something new has arrived to Geneva.


Geneva is famous for their luxury 5* hotels, with very elegant, sophisticated and classy interiors. I do go often to their cafés, spas or event spaces, but I felt that we really are lacking something different, modern and more affordable.

That is why when I heard about launch of CitizenM on rue the Rue de la Rôtisserie, overlooking Rue du Marché and my favorite Place du Molard I was already interested and waited for the opening.

What is CitizenM

It’s a concept created for travelers who value luxury hotel experience in the prime locations, with modern design at affordable price. It’s a hotel for tech-savvy people, from the entry you will experience this, self-check in, then MoodPads in the rooms that control everything, including many different lighting options, curtains and TV. Not to mention their signature XXL beds, that extremely comfortable and have only white sheets with no additional covers, that gives this really nice modern feel and makes it a perfect a spot for an Instagram photos.


Photo by @funkyforty


Few facts about CitizenM

-This hotel chain was created in Netherlands and now it has locations all over the world, to name few locations: London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Paris, New York, Boston, Kuala Lumpur and Zurich.

– Rooms are all the same size, they are minimalistic with a huge beds.

– CitizenM hotels offer much more than just a lobby, there is a CanteenM, great coffee show , healthy and fresh food, free wi-fi and comfortable working spaces, so guests can work and relax in the common area not spending too much time in the rooms.

– In room controller, called MoodPad helps to set best lighting, pick a free movie or use day or night curtains.

Just in case someone still wonder what M in the CitizenM stand for I will not surprise you, it means Mobile, Mobile-Citizens.

Launch Event

On the 1st of October I was invited to the opening event of theCitizenM in Geneva. Considering the situation there couldn’t be a big event, but hotel still organized a lovely reception for influencers, journalist and guests. They offered hotel tours and in my group was only me and my friend. We were wearing masks all the time and kept the required distance people.

We visited few rooms that had different ambiance and themes.

First one was a “Mediation/ Relaxation Room”. It was arranged in blue colors and had a recorded meditation that we could listen.

Second room we visited was a World Citizen Room. We could choose locations, where we would like new CitizenM hotels to be open, there was also a traveler quiz and some gifts.

3rd room was a fun one, with music and dancers and the last one was a photo booth, where we had some photos taken.


After the tours we could enjoy drinks and delicious food. We have been offered a yummy tray with fresh and healthy humus, zaatar, falafels and a vegan cheesecakes. Everything was provided by famous local fine food restaurant Street Gourmet. We have also received a surprise basket to our rooms from this healthy and ethical restaurant, that included a lemon humus, zaatar, bread, BBQ ketchup and the most delicious fruit salad I had so far.


With my friend @funkyforty


With @funkyforty and @serenastravel


CitizenM Room

There is only 1 type of rooms in CitizenM hotels. They all are the same, with the same standards, large bed, very nice shower, control Pad, large TV, contemporary furniture, build-in safe and storage under the bed, Simple, yet very comfortable, modern with a lovely atmosphere that allowed me to relax and have some me-time.


What I loved most about the experience.

-To wake up in the heart of Geneva and over look busy street.

-To sleep in this XXL bed. first night I slept alone and second my husband and son joined me. It was nice to be able sleep in the bed the whole family and there was still plenty of room left.

-My 3 years old son loved the TV with cartoon channel in the bed. It’s just a perfect place to watch Netflix in bed, pick up some healthy food from the canteen and sip champagne.

– I liked the open space lobby and simple yet nice breakfast.

-Easy check-in.

-Very helpful staff called Ambassadors, there absolutely amazing and even brought me some essentials in the middle of the night.


In short, I have had a lovely time in CitizenM hotel and I highly recommend CitzenM in Geneva as the best option to have affordable and luxurious get-away in the city. It will be a stay in the city center, walking distance to all major tourist attractions, but also business places. Atmosphere in the lobby is very modern, reminds me a bit of Silicon Valley or start-up places, and of course the bed! You will love to sleep in it, I promise.

As always,

With love,

Bella_zofia xx

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