How to have a svelte summer body after the lock-down?

My experience at Geneva’s best Slimming Center.


My dream since a while was to finally loose the belly fat that never went away after the pregnancy and feel at my best this summer. I wanted to hit the beach feeling fit, energetic and confident in my body. This is why I visited Bodyline Center in Geneva in mid- February. In this article I will share with you my experience, treatment that I had and results. I hope that my opinion will be helpful to you.


What can you expect from first visit at Bodyline Center?

I must start with letting you know that my first appointment had nothing to do with my expectations. Why? Because I genuinely felt that everyone really cared and tried to choose what is best for me and not to prescribe the most expensive treatments (like it happened in the past in other institutes that I visited). My appointment started with in-depth analyze of my diet and eating habits. It was really important for me, as I was aware that I am doing a lot of mistakes in my diet. Hearing all of this aloud made a huge difference and impact on me. Next step was taking precise measurement with the use of machine that analysed my body composition, fat, muscle mass, water retention and more. After this Najia, manager of the center and nutritionist explained to me personalized slimming plan, treatments and healthy diet that I should incorporate to my daily life.


Cryolipolysis – playing with the cold.

I don’t know about you, but I heard about this treatment but I was very skeptical about it and was afraid that it might hurt too much. Najia recommended me this treatment as my main problem was belly fat and I didn’t need all body slimming. Cryolipolysis is also called coolsculpting, as it’s a cold treatment for fat destruction. It is an alternative to liposuction and it’s not so invasive.

How does the procedure looks like.

Step 1: There was an anti-freeze membrane and a plastic film applied on my lower belly area, to avoid risk of skin burns with strong cold.

Step 2: Criodes were placed on the treated area, they sucked up the skin and diffuse cold to freeze fat cells. This step lasted around 40 min.

Step 3: Once the criodes have been removed there was a short massage to heat the treated area up and to facilitate the elimination and the dispersal of frozen and destroyed fat cells.


How my body reacted:

I was prepared to feel some pain during the treatment, but honestly I didn’t feel anything. I assume that it can be individual reaction, but I found it very relaxing and I actually slept most of the time. After Cryolipolysis treated skin was red, cold and kind of numb, but not painful. The next day I had no signs of it, but skin already looked tighter.

After the treatment

I was definitely not prepared for what happened after. I have received a 3 days dietary instructions that will help to eliminate fat cells from my body. I have never done any diet in my life, so I was afraid that I won’t be able to stick to it, but I managed and it wasn’t that hard. Basically for next 3 days I had to drink a lot of water, detox tea, consume fruit and veggies cocktail for breakfast and meat with vegetables for other 2 meals. Honestly, if a such a food lover as me managed to keep this plan, then I am sure that everyone can do it!


Follow-up appointments.

Exactly after 1 month Bodyline sets up a follow up appointment to check the results. It was a surprise to me, I already lost over 1 kg and 5 cm in the lower belly area. I felt better, I started to eat healthier, recognizing what’s good for my body and what should I avoid. I felt very happy after this visit and was waiting for the final appointment in order to see last results of cryolipolysis treatment. Unfortunately then the COVID-19 and lock-down with a lot of anxiety at the beginning. For me it was not the time to look after my diet, I indulged myself in cooking and baking for my family and my exercise were limited only to short at home work-out and daily walks. When day of my 3rd month appointment arrived I was sure that my results will be far from desired. I couldn’t be more wrong. I didn’t loose much weight and fat, but I lost 10 cm in the belly area in comparison from the first visit in the center in February. I was very surprised that this happened, as I was sure that during the lock-down I will put on weight. So I am sure that cryolipolysis is a treatment that works well and I can only wonder what would be the results, if I could have my usual active life instead of staying at home. I am sure that results would be much more impressive.



I am very happy with my healthy journey that I started 3 months ago with Bodyline Center. I loved how helpful and professional everyone at the institute are. Results really surprised me. It is a beginning of my journey and I would still like to try more treatments to firm my body for summer and keep healthy lifestyle. What I will also take from my visit are healthy dietary advises. I am happy that I discovered this place and I am sure that anyone can truly benefit from health and slimming plan that Najia and her team can offer.

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Bella xx

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